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【Pullman Anniversary @ 77】 RM77 for 4 Different 5 Star Buffets & Happy Hour Whole Day Long??

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【Pullman Anniversary @ 77】 RM77 for 4 Different 5 Star Buffets & Happy Hour Whole Day Long??


For a true foodie, nothing is more worth celebrating than to be able to eat to your heart’s content!!



Which is why Teaspoon would like to bring you this good news from Pullman Kuching! For ONLY RM77, you can eat at 5 different restaurants in Pullman from 7am to 7pm!!!!!


To celebrate their 7th anniversary, Pullman Kuching is offering you this crazy, once in a lifetime promotion~!


That’s right! For only RM77 per person, you can eat to your heart’s content at the distinctive restaurants in Pullman Kuching! All you need to do is to register the specified counter at the Lobby on the 26th March, 2017 and you can eat from 7am to 7pm!


The hotel also accept advanced registration, just visit the front desk of the hotel to register.


Once you registered at the lobby, you are entitled to an exclusive Welcome Drink from Deja Vu~!



Then you can enjoy the Breakfast Buffet (Original Price: RM50) at Puzzle (lobby). The breakfast buffet is simply satisfying with tons of delicious cuisine from *taking a deep breath* Salad, Smoked Duck, Ham, Pepperoni, Pizza, Roti Canai, Omelette, Cereal, tons of local dishes such as Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Curry, and desserts, AND more!



Other than Puzzle, you could also enjoy the delicious Breakfast Buffet at The Peak on the 22nd executive floor. The Peak could only be accessed by guests staying at the executive floors (21 to 23) but on the 26th, you have access to this executive lounge and get blown away by the magnificent view! Pullman Kuching sits on top of a hill, so you bet the view from the 22nd floor will be extraordinary.



Once you’re very full from the buffets, you could take a stroll at the mall or even go back home to rest! You can return to this Unlimited Dim Sum (Original Price: RM49) at Nu Er Hong (lobby) anytime! Or you could head straight to Nu Er Hong after the buffet, it’s okay!



You can order steamed and fried dimsum to your heart’s content! All of the dim sums are made with intensive care and skills to ensure a satisfying-one-of-a-lifetime dining experience! What’s better is that you can also order their dessert of the day without limit~~ It is an ‘unlimited’ buffet, so you can eat all you want, all you can!


With the RM77 pass (Wristband), you can also enjoy this Hi-Tea Brunch Buffet (Original Price: RM58) at Puzzle. If you’re still confused at this point, YES, you can eat at one restaurant after another, one buffet another. You can enjoy your Breakfast Buffet and then continue to enjoy the Hi-Tea Brunch Buffet. All you need to do is to show your wristband.


Using the same wristband, you can also have access to Unlimited Pastries, Cookies, Cakes at Cafe Chat (lobby, opposite Nu Er Hong).




And yes, again let me remind you that this is not a dream nor a hallucination, for only RM77, you can enjoy the Breakfast Buffet, Hi-Tea Brunch, Unlimited Dimsum, and Unlimited Pastries, cookies, and cakes prepared at a 5 star restaurant!



The look of the desserts itself will melt you, and you will be totally dissolved in the pool of pure happiness as soon as you tasted the delicately made pastries and cakes~~~ 



Other than the delicious foods from the restaurants mentioned above, you can also enjoy the crazy Happy Hour promotion at not one restaurant, but ALL the restaurants in Pullman Hotel. That’s right! For every drink purchased, you can get another drink for FREE~


**FREE drink must be of equal or less value than the first


After you register at the counter, you will obtain a wristband and a “Passport” sheet. Do remember to get your stamp when you visit these 7 locations - Deja Vu, Puzzle, Nu Er Hong, The Peak, Cafe Chat, Liquid (go up staircase next to Deja Vu, by the pool), and the Ballroom (go up staircase next to Deja Vu).



When you collected the stamps from all 7 restaurants, you are entitled to a spin at the Wheel of Fortune where you’ll get some free gifts depending on your luck, and for the Lucky Draw where you can stand a chance to WIN a FREE STAY at one of these Asian countries - China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


For only RM77 per person, you can have all these. So bring your loved ones and you’ll get something better on top of these different promotions by Pullman Kuching, priceless irreplaceable memories with your loved ones~~


Call your mummy daddy brother sister uncle aunty friends boss colleague neighbour and let them know of this crazy offer NOW~~~~ 


More Kuching Foodie Info, only at Teaspoon!


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