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【Biggest Bowl of Laksa in Kuching!!】

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Biggest Bowl of Laksa in Kuching!!


How can you not taste the infamous Sarawak Laksa when you stepped foot on this land? Sarawakians loves Laksa, we can have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Traditional Laksa must be spicy and must have this rich flavours of coconut milk and curry, but due to the many variations, we Kuchingites all have a preferred taste of our own.


One of those variation is this crazy huge bowl of laksa at Uncle Ben’s Signature Laksa House located at RH Plaza. Other being well known for the humongous Laksa, Uncle Ben’s also offer their patrons an unique ‘laksa’ experience…



Most laksa stalls in Kuching only offer one, at most 2 choices of Laksa. But at Uncle Ben’s you are offered 7 different choices of laksa! 7!! Can you believe it?


But let’s start with their Normal Laksa. Smooth and perfectly seasoned laksa soup base coupled with the toppings that we all love, prawns, chicken meats, eggs, and bean sprouts to satisfy your cravings for a delicious bowl of Laksa~



If you don’t want to have all the different ingredients in your Laksa, that’s fine because you can also order this Egg Laksa. The soft egg strips will absorbs some of the laksa soup and when eat together with the Bihun, creates a harmony and the same level of satisfaction as the normal laksa!



You want only chicken meat strips in your Laksa? Done! Just order the Chicken Laksa! The chicken strips are not dry at all, but very smooth and juicy~



Don’t want egg and don’t want chicken on your laksa? Also DONE! You surely thought we will say prawn laksa, but nope! We want to introduce you their Sea Clam Only Laksa. Yes! Sea Clam, not the small clams, but sea clams! Fresh Sea Clams ‘bathed’ in the delicious laksa soup will blow your mind!



Or, you can have the Sea Clams with the rest of the conventional Laksa toppings with the Sea Clam Laksa. The number of sea clams is less as compared to the Sea Clam Only Laksa, but I guarantee that you will achieve the same level of satisfaction~



If you have a big appetite, try out their Laksa Large, the same laksa as Normal Laksa, but of bigger portion.



IF you have even BIGGER appetite, then we have the star of the show today, the SUPER BIG Laksa. Not only the bowl is big, the amount of bihun, the soup, and the ingredients will blow your mind sky high. This super big bowl of laksa can feed 7 to 8 person, but if you’re super hungry, you can even consider challenge this bowl with only 4, or 2! The humongous laksa is topped with prawns, eggs, chicken, bean sprouts, sea clams, and mussels! We were told that up to this day, only 2 person managed to finish one whole bowl by him/herself…



Other than delicious laksa, Uncle Ben’s also offer Heng Hua Noodle in the menu~ This is a weird statement for me to make, but this laksa restaurant might’ve just served us the best Heng Hua Noodle in Kuching! The noodles is very chewy and kneaded with eggs and flour with 0% artificial ingredients added. The soup is simmered for a period of time using chicken bones to produce a light and delicious soup. The bowl of noodles is also topped with homemade Mackerel fish balls! This bowl of Heng Hua Noodle simply cannot get any better than this.



To ensure that the customers can drink clean and perfectly safe water, the owner uses Espring water from an Amway water filtration machine. And this water is used to make all the drinks at the place, including this very special 7 Sour Drink. The refreshing 7 sour drink is the best if the weather is crazy hot or if you’re looking for something to dissipate all the heat in your body~



We’ve told you about how the owners of Uncle Ben’s Signature Laksa House being considerate in using fresh ingredients, offering their customers a lot of different laksa choices, and using clean filtered water to make the drinks. But, they are also considerate in another way.



You can now enjoy this delicious Laksa at home and at work! All you need to do is to call 016-8868296 one day prior to make your bookings and you will be able to enjoy the delicious laksa without going out from where you were! Do take note that the delivery services only apply to more than 5 items in a single order ya~


So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ‘Ajak’ your friends and families and head over to Uncle Ben’s now!!


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