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Authentic Sang Nyuk Mee in Kuching!

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The first branch of “Wan Xiang Sheng Rou Mian” in Kuching can be found at iCom Square! The light and delicious soup coupled with noodles with rich scallion fragrance is what you need right now!




Wan Xiang opened in Kuching despite Kuching having already many Sang Nyuk Mian restaurants and stalls because the owner of the place made slight adjustments to the recipe to suit the taste of Kuchingites. Other than this, the confidence to open a branch here in Kuching comes from a secret seasoning that attracted many Kuching foodies!


Be it the soup or noodles, the Wan Xiang offer their patrons a lot of choices to choose from! For the noodles, you can choose to have ‘white’ with just scallion seasoning, or the ‘black’ with the special soy sauce. Other than noodles, you could also opt for Kueh Tiaw, Meehoon, and even Rice!






The ingredients of the soup are all purchased fresh daily and comes with a total of 7 choices. To start, we have this very limited special ingredient, the Tendon Soup.





Make no mistake, you’re not being offered beef tendon, but pork tendon, extremely limited pork tendon. There is only enough tendon to make 5 to 6 bowl of it everyday! Pork tendon is not easy to get, in addition to the difficulty to clean and prepare the tendon, the owner can only afford to make 5 to 6 bowls everyday…


Then we have the signature Mix Soup with tons of different ingredients to bring forth your satisfaction to its maximum. In this bowl are slices of pork, pork liver, pork intestine, and some green veggie. If you have all different types of choices like we do, you will be able to taste the obvious sweetness of the soup in this bowl. Well, the sweetness actually comes from the fresh slices of pork, awesome isn’t it?




If you’re a fan of pork liver, then this Liver Soup is the best choice for you. The pork liver is also purchased fresh on a daily basis, and then cooked to perfection with not the slightest hint of it being overcooked. The liver, tender and chewy, and most importantly, delicious when taken with the soup and the noodles. Accompanying the pork liver is the pork intestine, and if you also ordered Mix Soup, then you’ll notice the obvious difference I mentioned earlier.





For something a little different, try out this Kidney Soup! A perfect bowl of kidney soup requires a lot of effort to clean and process to ensure that the smell is completely removed. Which is why you can take a bite with no worry to enjoy the smooth and slightly crunchy texture of the perfectly prepared pork kidney.





A bowl of perfectly prepared SAng Nyuk Mian, a warm bowl of pork soup, and maybe a cup of coffee… Let’s head to Wan Xiang Sheng Rou Mian for breakfast and lunch now!~~~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ





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