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Bingsu on a Hot Day? YES PLEASE!!

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The only CaffeBene in town can be found at Vivacity Megamall and it is one of the best place to hangout during a hot afternoon, or to have desserts and coffee after dinner~~


CaffeBene, other than having the world’s best seasonally harvested fresh coffee beans for the perfect cuppa, is, of course, crazy famous for their Bingsu as well as the Belgian waffles. Speaking of Bingsu, one of the most highly recommended is of course the Green Tea Bingsu with rich and strong green tea taste coupled with sweet and delicious red beans. Mix well the whole bowl and you get a perfect shaved ice desserts for you and your friends~





Next to green tea is the Strawberry Bingsu with their signature gelato ice cream and fresh strawberries sitting on top of the shaved ice, mmmm….hmmm! Instant satisfaction!!





Other than that, they also have the Cookies & Cream Bingsu with sweet and crunchy chocolate biscuit, as well as the Coffee Bingsu which oddly, creates a perfect harmony between the taste and flavours of coffee with red beans..






Next in line we have the delicate Belgian waffles~~ We were highly recommended this Blueberry Yogurt Waffle with crispy waffles matched with sweet and sour blueberry sauce as well as the smooth texture of the yogurt… perfection! Also, they recommended us the Tiramisu Waffle that comes with a complicated, multi-layered taste and texture. Sweet flavours from the gelato ice cream mixed with slight bitterness of the coffee, coupled with the crunchy walnuts? Complicated but delicious!





Also also, do not let this Garlic Cheese Honey Bread slip through your fingers when you’re here at CaffeBene. Perfectly baked brick toast topped with generous amount of cheese sauce, how can you hold back from this delicious looking toast?!! For something sweeter, try out their Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread, sweet brown sugar, soft cream, and the perfectly baked brick toast…… (─‿‿─)♡





As mentioned earlier, CaffeBene uses the best coffee beans in the world to create the best cup of coffee, and the one that we would like to recommend is the Affogato (Vanilla)... Pour the hot coffee on top of the sweet Vanilla gelato ice cream and watch it melts and blends together with the coffee, a sip and you’re in heaven!




Other special drinks includes their Citron Tea which is a very famous drink back in Korea!!




If you still love coffee more, then you can also try out their Cappuccino~




There are tons of other drinks here at Caffe Bene too! Including their Espresso Choc Chip, Blueberry Yogurt, Caramel Macchiato (C), Misugaru Latte (C), Sweet Potato Latte (C), Caffe Latte (C), and the Green Tea Latte (C)





Also also also!!!!!! And this is IMPORTANT!!


For every Large Coffee Beverages purchased, you are entitled to one scoop of their delicious Gelato Ice Cream!! All you need to do is to grab the TeaDay Discount Ticket from the Teaspoon Mobile App for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


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What are you waiting for? Head over to Caffe Bene with your loved ones NOW!!









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Caffe Bene @ Vivacity
Ground Floor, Jalan Wan Alwi, Tabuan Jaya Baru 2, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia