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【Kuching Must Eat】Bako Seafood Restaurant

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A few weekends back, 5 of us took a trip down to Bako to relax. When it came to lunchtime, we were of course on the lookout for fresh seafood. One of the famous places is Bako Seafood Restaurant. By the river of the small Kampung Hijrah, the restaurant looks like an old kopitiam.





Here since 1997, it’s famous for fresh and affordable seafood. The chef here has had experience cooking for Miri seafood restaurants and even Brunei hotels so you know he’s a pro. We wanted to see for ourselves just how good it really was!


We ordered a total of 6 dishes:


First on the list is their Signature Seafood Tofu! It’s one of the most recommended dish by online fans. The completely handmade tofu are deep fried to a golden colour and comes with a sidekick: a specially prepared chili sauce that tastes sweet and spicy. When I bit into the tofu, the first thing I noticed was how crispy the outer shell was! And the filling burst out, soft, piping hot and well-seasoned.




Another favorite of ours is the Sea Clam Soup with Homemade Fishballs. The soup is rich with the flavours of the sea, at the same time being sweet from having the clams and fishballs stewed together. The homemade fishballs are elastic and the clams were quite big and very fresh.






In Kuching, we don’t just have the crispy oyster pancake, we also have Stir Fried Oysters with Egg! The real secret to this dish is that only the freshest oysters can be the star to this dish. There was really not a hint of the fishy smell that some people are afraid of!  The blend of flavors from the fresh oyster with the egg and onion fragrance was truly amazing!




I think everyone orders Deep Fried Squid when they eat seafood, am I right? At least we did. The sotong was coated in a thin, crispy layer of batter, which is not commonly found in Kuching. More importantly, the sotong was not rubbery at all. It’s so addictive that you can finish 10 plates, no problem!





So we’ve had a great line-up but my favorite dish is this next one: Steamed Prawns!






The prawns were quite big and very fresh, you can tell just from the colour. They’re topped with a cloud of egg whites, which were satisfying after soaking up the flavour of the prawns, as well as the scallions and garlic. But my favorite part of steamed prawns is actually the gravy at the bottom of the dish, which was rich from the flavours from all the ingredients of the dish.


If you’re looking for a vegetable dish, we will definitely recommend this Sarawak specialty: Bidin, especially for our friends from out of town! Bidin can be stir-fried or cooked with red wine, but with this hot weather, the must-try is Thai-style Bidin. It has a tangy and spicy taste, which makes for a really appetizing dish.





A few things you have to take note of:

1) Since the restaurant is in a kampung, there’s limited parking space. It’s best to park your car on the roadside, as long as you don’t block the road. P.S.: do remember to pay a parking tip to the locals, just as courtesy.


2) The restaurant is only open during the day. Business hours begin at 10am and ends by 3pm. There is a huge crowd, especially during weekends and holiday. There really is nowhere that you can’t find foodies like us!


3) If the restaurant is seated fully, you might need to wait very long, maybe even a few hours. But take it from me, the food is worth the wait! Nearby, there is a small convenience store so go grab some snacks and settle down for the wait.








Imagine, eating seafood by the windy riverside, sounds comfortable right? That aside, the necessary combination for a seafood restaurant is for the food to be cheap (✔), fresh (✔), delicious (), and Bako Seafood checks off the list. So plan a weekend trip and head down to Bako soon!


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