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【Kuching Fest LOW FAT Matcha Ice Cream!】

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Gelato Italiano’s Matcha Ice Cream from last year is back! They promise that you won’t gain weight from eating this~





If you are a Matcha Lover, take note of this! There are actually two types of Matcha flavours. If you like a heavier Matcha taste, go for the 100% Super Concentrated Matcha! Otherwise, you can also get the 50% Concentrated Matcha. 




And guess what? You can have two mixed flavours at a time! You can mix and match your Matcha ice cream with Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Mama Cookies, Dark Chocolate and other varieties~ And the Dragon Fruit ice cream is 0% fat! We recommend the Super Concentrated Matcha + Dragon Fruit combination!


If you have a sweet tooth but are watching your weight, this low fat ice cream is the dessert of your choice! Come find Gelato Italiano at Stall 112 tonight~





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