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【MOUTHWATERING Yong Wang Grilled Fish is at Kuching Fest】 _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

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Where to eat grilled fish at Kuching Fest? It’s the first stall on your right when you walk through the front gate! That’s Stall 29’s Yong Wang Grilled Fish. I found it when I followed the sambal smell there.




The stingray is sold in thick pieces, grilled till it is slight charred. The sambal that’s spread on top is super tasty! It’s also grilled on top of banana leaf, which gives that extra fragrance. You can tell by the way the boss works on the grill just how expert the he is!







Other than that, they also have Grilled Clams, Grilled Sotong, Bamboo Chicken and Grilled Vegetables! All for either RM15 or RM20, the portion is super big~

Seafood lovers, grilled food lovers, sambal lovers are all welcome here at Stall 29! Grab some and share it between your friends or family.

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