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Total of Ten episode of Ally Food Diary 60 Seconds Food Discovery 2018

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Thanks to Vivo Smartphone sponsored us for "60 Seconds Food Discovery" shooting! Do you know that, Ally Food Daily was using Vivo V9 for the whole shooting! Starting from today, Ally Food Daily will be upload daily for 10 days in a row! Remember to watch and share it to your friends!


(Episode 10)



Location & Operating Hours:


(Episode 9)


Location & Operating Hours:


(Episode 8)  


Location & Operating Hours:

(Episode 7)  



If you're craving for ice cream on a hot afternoon or even at night, then head over to RG Ais Krim Bergula Apong for their famous Gula Apong Ice Cream which is located in Open Air Market. 

Location & Opening Hours:


(Episode 6)



For all you Kueh Chap fans out there in Kuching, if you haven't try this Kueh Chap, you are not a real Kueh Chap fanatic. So head over here and order yourself this bowl of goodness! 

Location & Opening Hours:


 (Episode 5)



Feeling snackish? Then head over to Waterfront Kuching and stroll along the amazing Riverside view and look for this stall "FishPro Kiosk". Definitely the best Keropok Lekor in Kuching! 

Location & Opening Hours:


 (Episode 4)


Ally's fourth episode is about Ah Tan Ais Kacang, a well-known Ice Kacang stall selling a variety of delicious icy desserts and refreshing drinks! Can't stand the heat nowadays? Then come quench your thirst here at Ah Tan Ais Kacang.

Location and operating hour:

 (Episode 3)


Ally's third episode is about this famous Ah Yong ABC Ice Kantong which is located at Wayang Street. Want to quench your thirst on a super hot day? Get yourself a refreshing Ice Kantong la~

Location and operating hour:

 (Episode 2)


Ally's second episode is about Whak Whak SMOOTH &SILKY TaufuFah.  A unique, refreshing & delicious dessert which comes in different flavors! Definitely a dessert that you cannot miss out in Kuching!

Location & Opening Hours:

(Episode 1)

Ally's first episode is about this legendary Tricycle Fried Chicken 🍗 which is located at Wayang Street. Coated with crispy and flaky wonders, followed by flesh filled with juiciness and succulence; who could ask for something more? 🤤

Location & Opening Hours:


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