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【Dinosaur Burger (MONSTER or TOWER?!) - The Kuching Style!】

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Whether it is beef, pork, chicken or lamb, it sure taste good with it sandwiched between two warm buns and fixed with a variety of fresh vegetables, sweet & savoury condiments, as well as other add-on ingredients. Sinful? Yes. Fattening? Yes again. But like any other food, it’s all down to moderation and burgers are no difference. Plus, burgers in Kuching are no longer just buns and patties; the new creation these days are either MONSTER or TOWER in size! Sure, it’s messy and sloppy to eat, but then again, that’s how we like them. And you gotta do it for the gram! So come spend your cheat day right by stuffing your face silly with some of Kuching’s best burgers that we listed below. Don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE.


#HALAL [Kuching Grilled Burger @ Tabuan Heights]


If you don’t mind heavy carbs, then Kuching Grilled Burger’s sinfully succulent Special Tower (Mix) is a MUST-TRY! It consists of 3 different kinds of meat, Beef, Chicken & Lamb which is priced at RM60. Just look at how high it is and with the cheese melting all over the ingredients, this is a temptation that is irresistible. Aside from the Special Tower, you have to try KGB’s Triple XL Cheese Burger (RM18) and Beef Tower (RM30) too. Sloppy, juicy and a hand full of mess, we think it would be your perfect burger for supper!


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#NONHALAL [Colourful Burger @ Green Road]


A clever combination of Chicken Chop, mushroom sauce, onions and lettuce has been made into a mouthwatering burger here at Colourful Burger. The Chicken Chop is deliciously juicy and succulent, giving you that heavenly feel in every bite you take, but that’s not all is it? Instead of the usual cucumbers and tomatoes, shredded lettuces and onions are used to add a refreshing bite, creating a flavour you don’t find every day.


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#NONHALAL [K.P.D Burger Babi Bakar/Burger Ayam Bakar @ Kota Padawan]


Head over to K.P.D at Kota Padawan for more interesting twists on the classic burger - sloppy, gooey cheese with ingredients such as ham, bacon and sausages thrown in for guaranteed heart-stopping goodness. They use thigh meat for the chicken which is thick and juicy, definitely enough to fill your big tummies and meat cravings. If you deem yourself a burger lover, this is one place that you may not want to miss out on.


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#HALAL [Bomba Burger @ Jalan Song]


“Belum Try, Belum Tau” is the motto of Bomba Burger. And once you’ve tried, you will “Hari Hari Mau”! Topped with two big pieces of fried omelette, fresh veggies and sweet & savoury sauces, this Bomba Burger will definitely send you straight to burger heaven! So grab your napkins, because this will be a  hot mess! Not sure what to eat for supper? Head to Bomba Burger and get yourself a juicy, mouthwatering Bomba Burger!


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#NONHALAL [Brutus Pork Burger @ Moyan Square]


Going the extreme measures to satisfy your burger cravings once and for all is Brutus Pork Burger with their heart-clogging signature Brutus Monster Pork Burger - a serious burger for serious foodies willing to challenge themselves in the name of food. Brutus’s fluffy bun is 8-inches in size and their pork patty weighs 1kg! Insanely big and delicious, Brutus Monster Pork Burger which is priced at RM40 is perfect for birthdays and gatherings. Plus, it’s so insta-worthy too! But do note that you’ll have to do a pre-order for Brutus Monster Pork Burger. Just call 012-8789788 and the bubbly owner will arrange with you.


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