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【Satisfy Your Night/Midnight Cravings - The Kuching Style!】

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Day or night, it’s always time to MAKAN! With that, it comes with no surprise that there are many spots around Kuching which are still open beyond the average bedtime for most people to chow on! With that said, do scroll down and you'll discover a list of places worth visiting after dark. So read on, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE this article with your family and friends. HAPPY SUPPER-ING!


[Fan Huang @ Lorong Kedandi Tabuan Jaya]


Dishes taste a hundred times better when you put cheese on them. Agree? If you’re a cheese lover like me, then you surely have to try this Cheesy Chicken Rice here at Fan Huang which is located at Lorong Kedandi Tabuan Jaya. The cheese coats and goes perfectly well with each and every piece of the crispy and delicious fried chicken so you don’t have to worry that it’s too jelak. Served with a side of wedges, Fan Huang is definitely the place to eat your soul out!


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[Kao King @ Premier 101]


All hail CHICKEN WINGS! The sight of caramelised and charred chicken wings never fails to boost your appetite. Kao King stall which is located in Premier 101 is a must-try for their BBQ Chicken Wings. Grilled over a scorching hot charcoal base, the smoky chicken wings here have a uniform crisp all over the glazed wing, while sealing in juicy and succulent flesh on the inside. Trust me, your knees will definitely grow weak from sinking your teeth into a piece of wing.


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[Kwang Oyster @ Premier 101]


Oyster Omelette, otherwise known as 'Oh Chien' is definitely a popular supper dish. Operating in Premier 101, Kwang Oyster's signature oyster omelette is well packed with plenty of fresh oysters and a generous amount of egg fried to crispy and fluffy perfection. Despite the excessive frying, the oysters still retain a really moist and juicy interior, which bursts upon putting it in your mouth. The amazingly light and fluffy omelette too coats the oysters really nicely, giving it another layer of texture.


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[Lozuko Pork Noodle Soup @ Yu Zhi Xiang]


Calling all pork lovers! Cravings that will definitely tempt your porky diet to the fullest. Comfort, fulfilling and full of flavours – these are the best words to describe the Pork Noodle Soup here at Lozuko Pork Noodle Soup which is located in 鱼之香 Yu Zhi Xiang. Served with aromatic noodles of your choice on the side (noodle, kuey tiaw, bee hun, or mee tikus), the chunky minced pork meat, pork slices, liver, kidney, intestines, and stomach definitely mixed well together in the pork soup. And you can opt for the Dry or Soup version. Plus if you’re in Hui Sing area, you can find Lozuko Pork Noodle Soup stall in Megabite Cafe Hui Sing.


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[Mr. Fifty Steam & Grill Fish @ Premier 101]


Imagine the fish of your choice is smeared with bright chilli concoction and wrapped with banana leaf then grilled to perfection on a large griddle filled with the essence of the sea. Served steaming hot with diced onions and tangy sauce, it’s indisputably delicious. Burrowed between bustling stalls in one of the most vaunted food centres in Kuching, Mr. Fifty Steam & Grill Fish is a popular joint to get your seafood fix, especially the fish. Succulent, fresh, and flakes off the bone with ease, it's truly value-for-money.


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