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【The Legendary "Kueh Chap"?】

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【The Legendary "Kueh Chap"?】


This Kueh Chap is very well known among Kuchingites! Most people who tried the Kueh Chap would most definitely say there is no other Kueh Chap in Kuching that can beat this one.



The most obvious difference between the Kueh Chap here and the one sold everywhere else is the broth. The soup is so rich in aroma that by the time you're done eating, not one drop will be left in the bowl. Not forget to mention the tender and juicy meats and 'spare parts'. When all mixed together, you have a perfect bowl of Kueh Chap



Am I exaggerating? Go try it today and you will see~~



Be quick, as they sold out very quickly! They usually opens on 6.30pm, sometimes earlier, but depends on what time they are ready. Then they will be sold out by 9. Sometimes when the business is very very good, they can be sold out earlier by 8pm if not 8.30pm. Trust me, because I myself felt disappointed a few times because they are sold out T_T...



Operating Hours: Wednesday to Sunday (5pm until sold out); Monday & Tuesday (OFF)



The 3rd Mile wet market is crowded in the day for having many aunties hunting for fresh ingredients such as vegetable, fish, and poultry. During the night, this wet market is closed, but is also very lively due to the foods stalls that are opened in the night. of course, there's the kueh chap stall mentioned in this post, there are tons of other food stalls including Ah Mui Beef Noodle, Kolo Mee, and plenty other food and drink stalls to guarantee you a satisfying dinner~~~ 


Head over to 3rd Mile Night Market now~ and enjoy this LEGENDARY Kueh Chap with your friends and families~~ 


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