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"Kuching Must Eat": Petanak's Steak House

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There are many famous places in Kuching to grab a satisfying supper such as the Open Air Market at the centre of the town where you can find some local dishes. 


But one other place that Kuchingites usually go for cheap and delicious Western food is the Petanak Steak House at the Petanak Wet Market. It’s usually a shocker when you find out someone you know that is a Kuchingites but have yet been to Petanak Steak House.



Being around for 26 years, Petanak Steak House is most probably the place where your parents bring you for western food as dinner. Since its opening 26 years ago, the menu has remained the same.


The owner worked at a restaurant 30 years ago in Singapore, and because he missed Kuching so much that de decided to quit his job at the foreign soil and return home.


One bad thing about this place is the looooong wait for your food to arrive. But, the food is definitely worth the wait.




When was the last time you visited this place? If it’s been a long time, maybe this is the chance to gather up your family or friends and have a nice long chat with a huge cup of Sugar Cane Juice while waiting for your foods to arrive.



Steak House's Operating Hours: 5.30pm onwards (Monday OFF)




Petanak Wet Market is very similar to 3rd Mile Wet Market where during the day the place is crowded with people looking for fresh ingredients, and in the night becomes the favourite spot for Kuchingites to hunt for dinner and supper. Other than this Western stall, there are also plenty of other stalls selling Chinese foods, char kueh, porridge, and more! They even have freshly made 'kuih's that you can buy to become your supper, or, even as your breakfast the next day~~ 


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Petanak Hawker Center
110, Jalan Petanak, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia