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"Kuching Must Eat" : Warong ABC Kak Darot

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Kuching Must Eat: Warong ABC Kak Darot


Wednesday!! It's time for Teaspoon to introduce another place with great food! today, we introduce you Warong ABC Kak Darot, a perfect place for an afternoon drink. They have a wide array of shaved ice desserts as well as snack foods such as Banana Cheese and Rojak~~ They also have Keropok Lekor here! 



Warong ABC Kak Darot is located at Kampung Stakan Melayu. Just drive along the road leading to the Badminton Court of 7th Mile all the way until you come across the place on your right. Just be careful as you reach the place you will find a whole lot of cars parking at the roadside, which honestly makes it pretty inconvenient for the others. But for those who are there for the delicious shaved ice desserts, we don't really mind. XD 



Ice cold desserts are the perfect match for the heat of this weather! They have tons of different variety of ice desserts, from shaved ice to ice cream, all waiting for your arrival.


If your mouth is itching for some snacks, we highly recommend you their Banana Cheese!! Deep fried bananas drizzled with generous amount of grated cheese and sweet condensed milk. The sweetness of this Banana Cheese makes the perfect companion for the also sweet shaved ice desserts~ 



We noticed that all other tables ordered Rojak, therefore we also ordered one for ourselves. Surprisingly, this Rojak is not as sweet as the other foods and drinks that are sold here. Rather it is quite plain, which make a huge contrast between this and the rest of the foods. 



Gather up your friends and enjoy the wide array of ice desserts offered there now! 


Operating Hours: 12pm to 7pm (Wednesday OFF)

Location: Kampung Stakan Melayu


More Kuching Must Eat, only at Teaspoon~~ 


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Warong ABC Kak Darot @ Kampung Stakan Melayu
44, Kampung Stakan Melayu, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia