The new Teaspoon App. Remade simply for more food discoveries & dining ideas.


Two years ago, we had an idea to make an app about food. It felt like we’ve achieved the impossible by creating Kuching’s very own food app. Our Teaspoon App served thousands of users to solve their Where to eat frustrations.

And now, we are remaking how our Teaspoon App works (and looks) to show you more of our food discovery stories, offering awesome food deals, suggesting well curated must-go-eat restaurant listings, to your very own food reviews and ratings in one app.

From Directions to Delicious!

We remade our directory search to a map. Letting you find the eatery’s location quickly within a tap.

Discounts and Deals.

We offering different deals to help you save even more when eating out.

Rediscover the Delights.

The stories we tell when we come across hidden foodie gems or a must eat in Kuching, we showcase them in our app not only with words but also with crispy clear photos that you can almost taste the food.

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Even more to Explore.

Tasted and recommended, no matter what cravings you’re having or needing a venue to host your event, our app’s brand new Explore is sure to help you find the place to dine.

Remade for the foodie in you.