【Kuching Must Eat】Sin Kwang Foochow Big Pau

By L3Dah on Jun 21, 2017

While many prefer to have a bowl of noodles or laksa for breakfast, others prefer to have light and simple buns for breakfast. When it comes to steamed buns, one famous shop in Padungan made its name producing delicious and humongous steamed buns, its eve

【Kuching’s “Neverland” of Foods!! All Joy~】

By L3Dah on Jun 19, 2017

For 33 years since its opening, All Joy at Wisma Saberkas looked the same as though time has stopped for this little restaurant where we all had our daily fix of Lok Lok, Belacan Beehoon, ABC, and more~ Many that returned to Kuching after long years being

【The FIRST Taiwanese Healthy Steamboat in Kuching?】

By L3Dah on Jun 16, 2017

Taiwan Tian Sian Hui Wei, Im sure most of you are familiar with the name but how many of you actually knows that this place serves AMAZING steamboat? The brand, Tian Sian Hui Wei originates from Taiwan and it has over 60 years of long history serving auth

【The FIRST & Only Container Cafe in Kuching!】

By L3Dah on Jun 15, 2017

As the sounds of chatter fill the air, a lot of irreplaceable memories are made in one of the most unique western restaurant in Kuching, The Container. The Container, since its opening roughly half a year ago, charmed the hearts of many Kuchingites wit

【Kuching Must Eat】Chong Chon Green Noodle

By L3Dah on Jun 14, 2017

When everyone is craving for a bowl of Kolo Mee of breakfast, there are people like us that choose to have a different kind of noodles for breakfast. Something green, healthy, and at the same time being incredibly delicious - Chong Chon Green Noodle.


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