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[A Dose Of Nostalgia!] @ The Granary Kitchen + Bar

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Old school looking cafes/restaurants are one of the attractions that tourists and locals love to visit; be it to check in on their social media platforms or to indulge in delicious food or just seeking for one to reminisce about. Back to the good old days

[Eat Like A Japanese While Plane Spotting!] @ Oishi Sushi (Aeroville Mall)

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Step inside Oishi Sushi and youll be amazed by the settings which speaks Japanese elegance. Located in Aeroville Mall, Oishi Sushi has opened its doors to the public and will launch a Grand Opening on the 28th of September 2019 (Saturday). Oishi Sush

[Mmm… “Aroi Mak” Thai Food!] @ The Claypot House BDC (Lvl 2, Everrise BDC)

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Malaysians are no strangers to Thai cuisine since it hails from our neighbouring country. In fact, its punchy balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy is so well-loved that many Thai food are served in local restaurants. If youre a Thai food lover, well g

[Your Ideal Cafe For Coffee + Desserts Fix!] @ The Coffee Code

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Located in Saradise, The Coffee Code is one of the best places for coffee dates and brunch gatherings. We love how the interior has an earth tone vibe which makes The Coffee Code has a homey atmosphere. A good dose of coffee is often the perfect cata