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[WOW! Satok’s Hidden Food Gems Revealed!]

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Whether you’re a local or traveller, Kuching will certainly keep you occupied for an entire weekend as you drive around to discover the best hidden food gems. This time we went to Jalan Satok and managed to hunt down 4 hidden food gems in the area. So read on, give this post a THUMBS UP, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE!


[1] Rojak Ayam Satok @ Kueh Fah Cafe [HALAL]


Kick start your day with a plate of mouth-watering Rojak Ayam or Mee Kari from this family business stall. Opened since 1999, they are famous for their Rojak Ayam and Mee Kari. We guarantee the thick, sweet, and spicy sauce that coats the fried dough fritters and fried chicken will make you salivate. One mouthful and you will taste a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth!


Kueh Fah Cafe (1)

Kueh Fah Cafe (4)

Kueh Fah Cafe (2)

Kueh Fah Cafe (6)

Kueh Fah Cafe (3)

Kueh Fah Cafe (5)


[2] Yong Hua Cafe [HALAL]


Located next to Kueh Fah Cafe, Yong Hua Cafe has been operating since 1984 and is still attracting returning and new customers. Patrons who dined there love their Bak Kut Teh Sapi. What’s special about the soup is that it has an appetizing peppery flavor instead of a sweet herbal taste. The taste of the soup may be overwhelming at first but slowly sip by sip you will find the taste more and more tolerable and before you know it, you are already hooked. Besides Bak Kut Teh Sapi, we recommend you to try their Mee Sapi and Laksa too.


Yong Hua Cafe (1)

Yong Hua Cafe (2)

Yong Hua Cafe (5)

Yong Hua Cafe (3)


[3] Mee Brunei Muzium [HALAL]


Operating since 2014, Mee Brunei Muzium was originally from Sarawak Museum. They are known for their Mee Brunei which cannot be found anywhere else in Kuching. The dish may look simple but it’s very flavorful, appetizing, and nutritious due to the “tulang lembu”. Their Mee Hoon Sup Ikan is another dish we recommend too as the soup is robust, super tasty, and slightly tangy and combines well with the slippery soft mee hoon. Besides these 2 dishes, do try their Bubur Campur too as it’s only RM5! So cheap and filling!


Mee Brunei Muzium (5)

Mee Brunei Muzium (1)

Mee Brunei Muzium (3)

Mee Brunei Muzium (4)


[4] Dan’s Mee Goreng @ Yong Cafe [HALAL]


Located in Yong Cafe, Dan’s Mee Goreng has been running their business since 2013. Their Fried Mee Goreng is a staple among the regulars. The springy noodles coated with sweet sauce and fried with wok hei will have you wanting another plate! We ain’t kidding you! Besides Fried Mee Goreng, you can opt for their Fried Kueh Tiaw or Fried Bihun too which are equally good. Also, try their homemade dipping sauce to spice things up.  


Yong Cafe (1)

Yong Cafe (2)

Yong Cafe (3)

Yong Cafe (4)

Yong Cafe (5)

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