Kuching Festival

[Ooohhh.. Grilled Chicken + Cheese + Seaweed! YES PLEASE!] @ Stall 190 紫包鸡 (Kuching Festival 2019)

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Melted cheese is a thing of beauty. Rich, gooey strings of goodness pulling away with every bite of food you take. Are you salivating now? I know we are. Presenting to you, Nori Grilled Chicken w/ Cheese! Grilled chicken + cheese = THE PERFECT COMBINATION

[Just Looking At These Waffles On A Stick Will Give You Emoji Heart Eyes!] @ Stall 79 The Food Box (Kuching Festival 2019)

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WOW! Ever seen a waffle on a stick? No? And it looks just like a popsicle! Tempted to try one now? Just head to Kuching Festival tonight and look for Stall 79 The Food Box! We just wanna say these waffles on a stick coated with various toppings taste

[WAOOO! First Ever Japanese Creme Brulee Crepe in Malaysia!] @ Stall 209A Taro-Ishi (Kuching Festival 2019)

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Creme Brulee Crepe has now become one of the most sought after desserts in Japan. Cone made of crepe filled with rich creme brulee and topped with crispy scorched caramelized sugar, were pretty sure youre already salivating just by looking at the picture!

2019 传统的古晋节美食为你而生

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2019 传统的古晋节美食为你而生 倘若您是一个传统的保守派,古晋节对您来说是一个吃不饱,找不到食物吃的地方。那您不妨跟着小编的脚步去找找一些您可以接受的传统美食。虽然有些不那么抢眼,但是却可以填饱肚子。浓浓的古晋人的味道,看看古晋人准备的民俗文化表演节目。这七八月的古晋节也是一个您不可错过的好去处啊! 开始日期: 7月26日 (星期五) 6pm结束日期: 8月18日(星期日)11pm stall no 183b Vegetarian food stall no 56b Mum's Kitc

2019 琳琅满目的古晋节美食抢先看

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2019 琳琅满目的古晋节美食抢先看 就像您所想的,古晋节就是要来点不一样。每一年保留了一点点去年的特色,再增添一年新的元素。所以去年没吃到的可能可以在今年找得到。今年就别错过了哟!吸吸包,芒果炸鸡,冰淇淋自动贩卖机,coconut ice cream。。。都是新亮点哦!开始日期: 7月26日 (星期五) 6pm结束日期: 8月18日(星期日)11pm 欲获取更多古晋节美食资讯,记得下载Teaspoon App哦! Stall 49 炸鲜奶 stall 69 花生卷冰淇淋 Drink