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[Comforting & Tasty Lunch Dishes] @ New Chef’s Delicious Restaurant

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Be it for simple meals or grand occasions, Chinese restaurants are where friends and families gather to trade stories and feast on delicious dishes that comes smoking off the kitchen. Located at Jalan Penrissen, New Chef's Delicious Restaurant has been a

[Try Out Poké Bowl in The Story Table!]

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Pok bowl, pronounced as Poh-keh bowl, is a nutritious, filling meal which consists of rice mixed with marinated fish, and topped with additional ingredients as you like! It is definitely a trend now in Kuching area for the health conscious foodies. Origin

[WOW! Western Dishes Like No Other!] @ My Breaktime

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Craving for western food? Were certain this restaurant will tempt you with their classic western dishes. Located in Saradise, My Breaktime is perfect for romantic dates and gatherings. The interior, rather cozy in general, brings about a nostalgic atmosph

[Chap Fan, Tu Ka Peng, SG Prawn Noodles & MORE!] @ The Mandarin Express

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Is it possible to eat out without burning a hole in the pocket? The answer is YES! Located in iCom Square, The Mandarin Restaurant has recently opened a new outlet called The Mandarin Express (formerly Sugarbun) which is located below its restaurant. Upo

[Affordable & Appetizing Dishes!] @ The Claypot House

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Fully air-conditioned and serves no pork, The Claypot House is a family-concept restaurant that has a variety of affordable Asian dishes which are perfect for lunch and dinner. They also recently added plenty of seafood dishes such as prawn and crab to th