Kuching Food Hunt on Foot! Are you READY?!

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Kuching, there is plenty of origins for this name. Some say it is derived from the Malay word of cat, kucing. While some may say it is derived from cochin, an indian trading harbour. Although it is still unclear as of which of these two and many more is t

The food court you’ve definitely been to, with a whole new retro look. The Tun Jugah Food Gallery.

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The Food Gallery offers many different genres of food at very affordable prices. You can find 8 stalls selling different types of foods, including drinks and desserts.

Merdeka Holiday Go Where EAT????

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Tomorrow is a holiday!! Yipeeee!! You've surely planned where to go, but have you planned where to eat? Let Teaspoon tell you!

21 Kuching Must Eats in Kuching

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Where to eat in Kuching? Here, we have the Kuching food guide for you! Top best food to eat in Kuching!! Let's us introduce one by one for you. Choon Hui Cafe Kuching This cafe is located at 34, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. If you wan

Last few days to get your FREE bowling game!!

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Teaspoon is giving away FREE bowling games from the largest bowling centre in Borneo, Megalanes @ Batu Kawa Emart. The free games will be given out through 2 methods, (Method 1) Grab from the Teaspoon Mobile App on the 28th August, (Method 2) Spending