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【Kuching Must Eat】333 Charcoal Fried Kueh Tiaw

By Admin on Nov 30, 2016

【Kuching Must Eat】333 Charcoal Fried Kueh Tiaw



We’ve been hearing a lot people talking about this delicious Charcoal Fried Kueh Tiaw and this superb BBQ Pork Rice, and we were like “How could we not try this?! We gotta find this place NOW.”


Then after Tea FM’s food show introduced this place, we finally found it! We finally found 333 Charcoal Fried Kueh Tiaw. The place is located at the junction opposite of Vivacity Megamall inside Jalan Chawan and can be easily found. Just that you’ll most probably find great difficulty securing a good parking space. If you never tried the food here, you will never believe how delicious are their foods.


One thing that you must order is the BBQ Pork Rice (黯然销魂饭). This is the first time we included the Chinese name of the food because if you can read chinese, then you’ve definitely heard of this dish in a famous Stephen Chow movie, “The Good of Cookery”.



We were very excited to try the rice, and… it’s sold out. And it was only 7.30pm. That was only like 1 and a half hours from 6pm where they started their business! And of course we did not gave up hope and visited the next day on 6.05pm, and the place is already full of hungry hungry customers, but we still managed to taste the rice.


The BBQ Pork is extraordinary, it is not the same kind of BBQ Pork you can find everywhere. The meat is extremely tender and juicy, and the aroma is still deeply implanted in my memory. The BBQ Pork is slightly sweet and carries also a little bit of saltiness which makes it perfect to go along the rice. The bowl of rice also comes with a perfectly cooked fried egg and molten egg yolk. When you mix it with the rice, one word, PERFECTION!



Now, to the kueh tiaws~ Since they have just too many on the menu, we could only try a few of time during our visits to the place. The menu is actually in Chinese, but for those of you who can’t read Chinese, we will provide the pronunciation for each food names.



First is the Yue Guang Bao He Chao Kueh Tiaw (月光宝盒炒果条), which actually is Fried Kueh Tiaw with a piece of egg yolk in the middle. The egg yolk when mixed together with the Kueh Tiaw provides a smoother texture.



Xian Dan Chao Kueh Tiaw (咸蛋炒果条), the Salted Egg Fried Kueh Tiaw is fried with a whole piece of salted egg, providing the kueh tiaw with a hint of salted egg taste and with a coarser texture.



Tom Yam Chao Kueh Tiaw (Tom Yam 炒果条), is as the name implies, Tom Yam Fried Kueh Tiaw. This kueh tiaw is not very spicy, in fact the spiciness is very mild. The stronger taste is from the sourness of the Tom Yam, which makes it very very appetizing.



Ya Da Tang Tian Mian (亚答糖甜面), the Gula Apong Fried Noodle is another dish that you must not miss. If you’re one of those that likes sweet fried noodles compared to the salty ones, then you’ll be marveled by the one here.




Ya Da Tang Kao Ji Chi (亚答糖烤鸡翅), another Gula Apong dish but is a delicious Gula Apong Chicken Wing~ The juicy and delicious chicken wing will make you crave for more. One chicken wings will never satisfy you, that I assure you, so when you order, take 5 pieces so that you won’t need to wait again when you crave for more and it’s cheaper when you ordered 5. 1 piece of Chicken Wing is RM2.50, but it's RM12 for 5 pieces. 




Tonight, ajak your friends and head over to 333 Charcoal Fried Kueh Tiaw NOW~~ Share and eat the delicious Kueh Tiaw, Rice, and Chicken Wings together with your friends and families~!




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