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【Kuching Must Eat】Tomato Kueh Tiaw with Fried Fish Fillet

By Admin on Dec 21, 2016

Tomato Kueh Tiaw can be found all over Kuching. Like Kolo Mee, we Kuchingites can have Tomato Kueh Tiaw for all the 3 meals throughout the day. What Teaspoon will bring you today is a Tomato Kueh Tiaw that I myself had been eating since I was little.


What makes this Tomato Kueh Tiaw so special is that there are Fried Fish Fillets on top of the Kueh Tiaw.




As a kid, I would always finish the Kueh Tiaw first and save the Fried Fish Fillet for the last. Well, you know what they say about saving the best for the last right? Anyway… instead of the conventional Char Sio and fish cake, you’re getting a few pieces of Fried Fish Fillet, a few prawns, and that’s it (and of course the Kueh Tiaw and the tomato gravy).




The crispy fried fish fillet pairs really well with the wet Tomato Kueh Tiaw. and because there are no other toppings or ingredients, you can fully enjoy the texture of the kueh tiaw and the flavours of the gravy. The gravy used to be quite sour, which is very appetizing, but the sour taste was turned down to satisfy the feedback of most customers. But it is still delicious!




They also have other stir fry and they all comes with the same toppings, Fried Fish Fillet and prawns. The dry Fried Kueh Tiaw is also as amazing as the tomato version of it.




Since we’re talking about the kueh tiaw of Fu Yu Kopi Shop, let’s also talk about the other delicious foods that they have to offer at this humble kopitiam~




For more Kuching Must Eats, stay tuned to Teaspoon as we will bring you even more delicious foods that you must eat while you're here in Kuching! Every Wednesday we will update new Kuching Must Eats, so stay tuned my dear Kuching Foodies~~ 

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