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Cheapest Chicken Rice in Kuching!

By Admin on Mar 8, 2017

Cheapest Chicken Rice in Kuching!


Chicken Rice, one thing that all Kuchingites love other than Kolo Mee and Laksa. I mean seriously, Kuchingites LOVE Chicken Rice. Why? Because it's quick, full-filling, and of course, delicious~~! 


So, there's been a trend of a Cheap Chicken Rice shop that's been popping new branches all over Kuching. Now, when people say cheap Chicken Rice, most Kuchingites will definitely thought of this classic RM2 Chicken Rice from Onn Chicken Rice.



Started off in a humble kopitiam at Sg. Maong, Onn Chicken Rice can now be found at 4 different locations in Kuching. If you think that because it’s cheap then it tastes bad, then you’re gravely mistaken. Although I have to be honest that I was also skeptical until I tried them out myself!



For most people, one plate may not be enough. But since it’s so cheap, most people can take 3 to 4 plates at once especially if they are super hungry~ 


As a reminder, please don't order too much and cause food wastage. If you cannot finish it, take a takeaway box and bring it home, or feed the strays.



Onn Chicken Rice offers their customers a choice of Steamed and Roasted Chicken to go along with the rice. They also have an unlimited supply of homemade chilli sauce that will make you sweat of satisfaction.



Onn Chicken Rice also offer their customers some other choices of foods. For example, at the Sg. Maong branch, you can find delicious and cheap homecook dishes being offered as economic fast foods, while some other branches will offer more variety such as Kolo Mee and more~ 


What’s for lunch? RM2 Chicken Rice may be the best option, isn’t it? It's delicious and it does not cost too much damage to your wallet, so why not? 

Stay tuned to Teaspoon for more Kuching Must Eat as we will continue to bring you more delicious Kuching Must Eat from all around Kuching every Wednesday~~ 

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