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【Kuching Must Eat】Fiery Hot Spicy Noodles

By L3Dah on Mar 15, 2017

Kuching Must Eat: Fiery Hot Spicy Noodles


We heard about this super spicy noodle near the Tomato Fried Kiaw at Kampung Stampin Baru, Stutong. Some say the spiciness is enough to make you cry, some say “ok ok nia la~ not spicy one”. So of course we have to try them out to see for ourselves!


The place is located before the Tomato Fried Kiaw, with very obvious banner stating the 3 chinese characters “麻辣面” which means Spicy Noodle. Therefore it can be easily spotted.





Spicy Noodle is the main attraction of the place and it comes in 3 levels of spiciness from low to medium to high. And guess what, of course we started with the high level of spiciness.







The first bite might be fine, but as you take more and more the spiciness will build up and start to numb your lips! The spicy noodle is supposed to go along with a thicker noodle, but since it ran out we opt for the curly kolo mee noodle and the 'Mee Pok'.


Other than the Spicy Noodle, they also have tons of other foods here such as the Braised Pork Rib Noodle which was strongly recommended by the stall owner. The perfectly seasoned and braised pork rib are so soft that it comes off the bones easily without any effort.



They also have a a variety of stir fry foods such as this delicious Taugeh Stir Fry Noodle




We all know that someone who always say things are not spicy, so ajak them, bring them here, and order the most spicy one you could get here, and challenge you and your friends to the spicy noodles~!










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