【RM3.30 Chicken Rice! Where? At The BanQuet!】

By Jing Yi on Aug 15, 2017

The BanQuet is offering a LUNCH PROMOTION. For just RM3.30, you can get Chicken Rice that will fill up your stomach! This is included UNLIMITED Chicken Feet Soup and Curry Vegetables, completely FOC!


Chicken Rice (9) copy

Chicken Rice (19) copy


Want to know how to buy a Suspended Chicken Rice for the next needy person? Easy! Just pay another RM3.30 for a chicken rice coupon with your name on it, stick it on our coupon board, and wait for another random needy stranger to peel the coupon off to redeem and eat a yummy Chicken Rice sponsored by you!


Board (3) copy

Chicken Rice (2) copy

Chicken rice (23) copy


If you still need more to satisfy your hunger, for RM10 ONLY, you can get either Braised Bean Curd with Diced Chicken, Stir-fried Cangkuk Manis with Egg, Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish, Stir-Fried Kailan with Sliced Fish or Chicken Feet in Thai Style!


Kailan (4) copy

Manicai (2) copy

Tauge (7) copy

Chicken feet (13) copy


This promotion is brought to you for their 10th anniversary. For more information, please contact 082-451414. Visit the BanQuet for lunch today, fill your stomach and do some good today!


All (1) copy

All (6) copy

Chicken feet (11) copy

Kailan (1) copy

Manicai (3) copy

Taufu (13) copy

Taufu (5) copy

Tauge (3) copy


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