【World-Class Pastries】 High Tea at Razzmatazz

By Jing Yi on Sep 22, 2017

Here in Kuching, Razzmatazz has made itself a name for its authentic western cuisine with the experienced Chef George. He actually began his culinary journey training as a pastry chef and chocolatier, so when they introduced this high tea, I knew it would be something worth the trip.


4 person set (10)

2 person set (9)

4 person set (21)

4 person set (2)

2 person set (1)


Each pastry is made from scratch, even the bread in the sandwiches and canapes. This is the only way to ensure the quality he wants. A good variety is served here with both sweet and savoury pastries for you to indulge in.


The sweet pastries include: Scones, Butter, Cream and Jam, Coffee Eclairs , Linzer Cakes, Fruit Tartlets and Marble Cakes. The scones were a real treat! They were dense and just a little crumbly. The cream and jam they are topped with are also handmade, and the slightly sweet and creamy taste goes perfectly with the scones.


4 person set (dismantled) (7)

4 person set (dismantled) (6)

4 person set (dismantled) (1)

4 person set (11)

Close up (11)

Close up (1)

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If you are more partial to savoury flavours, they have Canapes, Tuna & Cucumber Sandwiches and Cheese & Onion Quiches. The Canapes come in 2 types: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese and Smoked Chicken. Cucumber Sandwiches are a must, to adhere to British tradition for tea, but Tuna is added here to make it something special.


2 person set (2)

4 person set (16)

2 person set (7)

4 person set (7)

4 person set (20)

4 person set (18)

Close up (4)


The high tea is served in either a set for 2 pax or for 4 pax. For both instances, they come with a pot of hot tea or coffee. For the selection of teas, you can choose from either Earl Grey, Lipton, Camomile, Jasmine Green Tea.


4 person set (dismantled) (5)

4 person set (17)

4 person set (13)


Each treat is dainty and the sets are priced at RM60 and RM120 respectively, so that’s only RM30 per person! This is the perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon with your family and friends. If there are more than 4 of you, you can even request for a family set.


Family set (1)

Family set (7)

4 person set (14)

4 person set (9)

Family set (5)

Family set (2)


[Available from 22nd September 2017, 3pm]


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