【Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Pullman Kuching Mooncakes!】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Sep 29, 2017

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals every year. We as Kuchingites, celebrate this special day by playing colorful candle-lit paper lanterns and eating different flavored mooncakes. Where can you get some of the finest mooncakes in Kuching, you may ask? Well, head to Pullman Kuching now as every year they offer a selection of handcrafted baked and snowskin mooncakes using the finest ingredients!


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They have 8 different flavors of mooncakes in baked skin and snowskin. The flavors are Lotus Seed with Single Yolk, Green Tea Lotus Paste with Milk Custard, Dragon Fruit Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Pandan Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, Cappuccino Lotus Paste with Milk Custard, Red Bean with Milk Custard, Durian Lotus Paste and White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. Both the baked and snowskin mooncakes have smooth textures and fragrant fillings.


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These mooncakes are priced at RM32 each. You can also get them in a package of four (4) pieces at a price of RM128, with a selection of flavors of your choice. Besides picking the best tasting mooncakes to gift our loved ones with, now we want them in the most interesting packagings too and this package comes with an exclusive gift box that is shaped like a cupboard! How unique is that?!


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So what are you waiting for?! Hurry get your mooncakes now at Nu Er Hong Restaurant or Café Chat as these mooncakes are being sold till 4th October 2017. For more information or to place a booking, do contact them at 082-222 888 Ext. 2110/2138.


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