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【7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan 2018】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Mar 21, 2018

Planning to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuching city? Then drive up to Kota Samarahan with your family & friends this weekend and start a food hunting trip! Our team has created this “7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan” guide so you won’t have to crack your brain figuring out where to eat. But don’t thank us yet, thank us after you’ve completed this “7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan” food journey. So read on, give this guide a THUMBS UP and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE!


Asajaya Cafeteria

Looking for fresh seafood? Look no further because at Asajaya Cafeteria, they serve the FRESHEST & JUICIEST seafood ever! Especially the PRAWNS! What we have here are their signature dishes, the Nasi Goreng Udang Butter and Mee Udang Galah. Salivating now aren’t you?


Location & Opening Hours:


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Pinang Bistro

Pinang Bistro is known to put the locals in a good mood for authentic Johor cuisine with a wide selection of dishes that are budget-friendly. The teeming crowd during lunch and dinners hours certainly attest to their reputation yet the cosy and spacious interior deals with it in style. If you like succulent fish inside a super-crispy outer coating, then this incredible Ikan Keli Goreng Berempah is just for you! Besides the Ikan Keli, you also have to try their Lontong, a hearty dish that’s bound to spice up your morning.


Location & Opening Hours:


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The Garden Farley


  • Ajileh Tomyam Qribut Udang Galah


Tom Yam is both hot and sour, and it's one of the main signature dishes that defines Thai flavor. So if you’re craving for Tom Yam, then head to The Garden Farley and order Tom Yam Udang Ajileh from Ajileh Tomyam Qribut Udang Galah stall. Just look at the size and color of the lobsters! Succulent and juicy, one does not have to go to Thailand to savour this mouthwatering dish. What’s more, they even have Tom Yam Spaghetti in their menu! This cross cultural mix of Thai flavors and Italian spaghetti is not as alarming as it sounds. In fact, it's one of the most delicious and flavorsome dish we have ever eaten.


Location & Opening Hours:


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  • Lepak Char Kuey Tiaw


It's fragrant, it's greasy, and it's scrumptious. That's a plate of Char Kuey Tiaw for you. A comfort food that is well-loved by both locals and tourists. But have you tried the “Banjir” style? That’s right, here at Lepak Char Kuey Tiaw, they serve Char Kuey Teow Udang Banjir. What’s different about this dish is the gravy. Take one spoonful of gravy with the Kuey Teow, and you’ll feel a plethora flavors bursting in your mouth!


Location & Opening Hours:


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MentegaKeju Cake House

If you're in Kota Samarahan area in search for some delicious desserts, then look no further as MentegaKeju fits within this criteria. Their signature cake, the Chocolate Nutella is as delicious as it is beautiful. It would be quite a challenging job to find someone who doesn't adore the delightful flavor of Nutella with all its hazelnut-y goodness and the perfectly balanced chocolate element. Another MentegaKeju signature dessert would be their Cream Puffs. Just imagine that fine balance of buttery aroma and sweetness of rich cream melting in your mouth...mmm… What’s more they also provide baking services for different kinds of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, buffet desserts and more.


Location & Opening Hours:


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Eek! Eat & Drink

If you ever found yourself yearning for delicious Asian Fusion food then make your way to Eek! Eat & Drink. Recently opened in December 2017, this Asian Fusion restaurant has plenty of tasty dishes to offer; and this Duck Cranberry Alfredo is one of them. The cranberries definitely pair well with the alfredo. Creamy and flavorful, you’ll totally fall in love with this dish! Moreover, you have to try their Grilled Chicken Almond Salad. This fresh tasting salad has an assortment of veggies and fruits and almonds tossed with chicken breast meat in a tangy dressing. Delicious!


Location & Opening Hours:


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Satria Asam Pedas

Downing a piping hot bowl of asam pedas when the weather is perfectly cold outside is one of the life’s greatest pleasure. Satria Asam Pedas is definitely the place to be if you’re looking to charm your taste buds with authentic bowls of Asam Pedas. Their Asam Pedas is adequately spiced to ensure it suits the palates of all walks of life, while the fish is tender, fresh, and fleshy. Besides their Asam Pedas, you also have to try their Roti Canai. They have a variety of Roti Canai flavors, but what we have here is Sardin flavored. Delicious and flavorful, you’ll want more!


Location & Opening Hours:


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Rumah Asap Dayak Route 18

Looking for the best Dayak BBQ n Ethnic cuisines? Then head to Rumah Asap as they offer an array of delicious dishes from different vendors. It is the perfect place to have dinner or supper with your family and friends. What’s more, they have a wide selection of Beers & Draught Beers, Cocktails, Langkau Shooters, Tuak, Liquor, and Wines. So if you want to lepak with your friends on a Friday night, then drive up to Rumah Asap la and I’ll assure you that you’ll have the best night of your life.


Location & Opening Hours:


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And that is all for this “7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan” food guide.  Happy food hunting!


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