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【Afternoon Tea - The Kuching Style! 】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Apr 7, 2018

Hello fellow Kuchinglangs! Do you often find your stomach growling during odd daylight hours or between lunch and dinner? I’m pretty sure that’s a YES do we! And the perfect way to tone down those hunger pangs is to have Afternoon Tea/High Tea! While the understanding of the term “Afternoon Tea” varies from person to person, one would usually think of cakes, finger sandwiches, scones, cookies, mini pastries and tea served on a tiered cake stand with the prettiest floral Chinaware over lace and doilies. Sounds luxurious doesn’t it? But no worries, because we have sourced out 5 places in Kuching for you to have an enjoyable afternoon tea session without breaking your bank. So read on and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and JIO your friends for an Afternoon Tea session la...


[Rihga (Stall No.7) @ Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre]


A place where you can have all the local favorites under one roof, Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre is always packed with people who’d come here for lunch or afternoon tea. And one of the local favorites would be the delicious and hot-out-of-the-wok Kompias from Rihga (Stall No.7), which is located at a corner around the back. Besides the usual Minced Meat (Original) filling, they have other fillings too such as Cheese, Garlic & Ham. Come try out all the flavors! Apart from Kompias, Rihga also serve Rojak and Sio Bees. So instead of going to a high-priced cafe for pastries, why not opt for Rihga’s savoury Kompias.


Location & Opening Hours:


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[Ah Kit @ Yong Kwang Cafe (Kenyalang Park)]


Located at the back of Yong Kwang Cafe, this famous stall is widely revered for its Fried Taugeh Mee and Kway Teow. Ah Kit’s plate of irresistible noodle definitely delivers on all accounts – sweet, spicy, salty and most importantly it does wonders to your taste buds. So aside from the usual afternoon tea pastries, head to Yong Kwang Cafe, grab a table, and wait till Ah Kit’s tempting plate of Fried Taugeh Mee or Kway Teow reaches your table. Salivating now aren’t you?


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[Wang Cafe @ Jalan Padungan]


Just imagine the smooth egg custard paired with flaky, buttery crust as a snack during your afternoon tea, surely it will make your day even better. Tucked away among the shops in Jalan Padungan, Wang Cafe offers freshly baked egg tarts. Aside from the Traditional Egg Tarts, they also serve Coconut Tarts, Pandan Egg Tarts, and Portugese Egg Tarts. What makes it a delicious choice for fulfilling your sweet cravings is the sensation of biting into the tart and immediately taste the soft custard filling in your mouth. The flaky yet thick shell holds the tart just nice and the tarts stay fresh even hours after being out from the oven. What’s more, you can also try their other pastries such as the Traditional Flavor Egg Cakes, Curry Puffs, Yam Puffs, Siopaos and more.


Location & Opening Hours:


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[Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe @ Rubber Road]


Tell me, how could anyone say they don’t want a plate of piping hot Cucur Udang for afternoon tea? Also known as Prawn Fritters, its pleasure excursion at each bite and what makes it more compelling is the salacious sauce that tags along. Take a bow son, because here at Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe, they offer you the finest prawn fritters to pick, dip and eat! Not only Cucur Udang, they also serve other deep fried delicacies and more.


Location & Opening Hours:


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[Ah Tan Ais Kacang (Stall No.5) @ Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre]


A bowl of Ice Kacang makes a perfect thirst quencher to beat the heat on a sunny day. How not to love the lofty shaved ice which is liberally loaded with syrups, evaporated milk, spoonfuls of red beans, chewy morsels and more. Thankfully for us Kuchinglangs, you can easily get your sweet craving of Ice Kacang from just about anywhere, from roadsides to food courts inside shopping malls. And one of our favorite Ice Kacang stalls to go to is definitely Ah Tan Ais Kacang. Aside from serving their traditional Ice Kacang, they also have a wide variety of other delicious desserts and refreshing drinks such as the Ice Mango, Ice Dragon Fruit, Chocolate Mint, Ice Durian and more. Their fruits are fresh and these icy sweet desserts not only taste good but are also pleasing to the eyes.


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