The FINAL Batch of RM10 Voucher is up!!!

By Admin on Sep 30, 2016

RM10 Cha Cafe's Original Hong Kong Egg Waffle Set & RM10 Happy Land's Grilled Chicken Chop!!!


The final batch of RM10 voucher is here!!! From today (October 15) until November 15, purchase Cha Cafe's Original Hong Kong Egg Waffle Set and Happy Land's Grilled Chicken Chop for ONLY RM10!!!!


Cha Cafe's Original Hong Kong Egg Waffle and Jasmine Green Tea


This set includes: 

  • Original Hong Kong Egg Waffle
  • Ice Cream of one flavour (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)
  • Topping of Pocky Stick, Oreo biscuit, Cherry, Marsmallows
  • Jasmine Green Tea, Choose from one flavour (Mango, Passion Fruit, Peach, Strawberry, Wildberry, or Pink Grapefruit)


Happy Land's Grilled Chicken Chop


This Set Includes:

  • Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce
  • French Fries
  • Coleslaw


You can also purchase RM10 voucher from The G Cafe's Golden Chop or Dot Cafe's Ice Cream Waffle with Earl Grey Tea for ONLY RM 10!! (October 10 until November 10, )



The G Cafe's Golden Chop


This Set Includes:

  • Chicken Chop with Salted Egg Sauce
  • French Fries 
  • Coleslaw


Dot Cafe's Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream & Earl Grey Tea


This Set Includes:

  • Belgian Waffle
  • Ice Cream
  • Syrup (Chocolate Only)
  • A cup of Dilmah Earl Grey Tea



Other vouchers includes the second bath of RM10 voucher from Rusty Bean & Batter and Oishi Japanese Restaurant. For 30 days starting Oct 5, purchase the limited RM10 vouchers by Oishi Japanese Restaurant and Rusty Bean & Batter!!!


Rusty Bean & Batter's Bavarian Apple Waffle



This Set includes:

  • Belgian Waffle
  • Ice Cream (Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, or Raspberry)
  • Warm Spiced Apple



Oishi Japanese Restaurant's Bento Chicken Katsu



This Set includes:

  • Chicken Cutlets
  • Fried Tofu
  • Chuka Wakame
  • Fruits
  • Rice
  • Miso Soup


All restaurants that joined this RM10 promo are Waee Ice Cream, Le Parlour Café Studio, Oishi Japanese Restaurant, Rusty Bean & Batter, The G Café, Dot Waffle and Dessert Café, Cha Café, and Happy Land Westerns.


The FIRST batch in the line is Waee Ice Cream and Le Parlour Café Studio that was released on October 1st.


Waee Ice Cream is offering all Teaspoon users FREE Popcorn Ice Cream! On the 1st of October, click on the “October Special RM10 Offer” and share the Waee Ice Cream’s post and get one FREE Waee Ice Cream!


As for Le Parlour, they offered their signature Crepe Cake (Strawberry, Kiwi, & Peach) with a glass of Iced Black Tea with Aloe Vera and Coconut Jelly for only RM10!!!


Le Parlour Cafe & Studio's Fresh Fruit Crepe Cake and Iced Aloe Vera Black Tea



The actual cost of this set is RM23.40, but now it only costs RM10!! Be sure to stay tuned to Teaspoon and buy this vouchers as soon as it is available!!


We will be releasing the other RM10 vouchers at the following dates. 

Second Batch: October 5th (Oishi Japanese Restaurant and Rusty Bean & Batter)

Third Batch: October 10th (The G Café and Dot Waffle and Dessert Café)

Final Batch: October 15th (Cha Café, and Happy Land Westerns)


How to buy the RM10 vouchers?

  1. Select a voucher
  2. Tap on “Grab This Voucher”
  3. Select quantity (if applicable)
  4. Agree to T&C
  5. “Confirm Purchase” and “Pay Now”
  6. Select to pay through “eWallet” or “Online Payment”
    1. If you have money in eWallet, payment is done directly with NO surcharge
    2. Online Payment will have more steps through the MolPay payment gateway
  7. Purchased voucher will appear in the “My Voucher” section


How to Redeem the RM10 Voucher?

  1. Go to “My Voucher”
  2. Select the voucher you want to redeem and tap on the redeem icon
  3. Select QR Code
  4. Scan QR Code at restaurant to unlock the voucher
  5. QR Code will be generated from your phone
  6. Let the restaurant staff scan the QR Code in your phone
  7. Enjoy your RM10 meal!!


General T&C:

  1. Each voucher is valid for 30 days from its starting date
  2. All vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other types of goods and services
  3. Expired vouchers cannot be extended or replaced
  4. All voucher are subjected to the redeem period stated
  5. Vouchers that are accidentally deleted will not be replaced
  6. Teaspoon and related restaurant reserve the right to modify any voucher’s terms and condition at any time with or without notice
  7. Teaspoon and related restaurant reserve the right to cancel the voucher if redeem behaviour by the customer is seen to be suspicious or potentially fraudulent


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