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Kuching Must Eat! Authentic Penang Food in Kuching?

By L3Dah on Oct 12, 2016

Just like Kuching, Penang is also a food paradise with tons of delicious local delicacies such as their Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw, Loh Mee, Har Mee, Asam Laksa, and many many more. But what if I tell you that you can also enjoy these delicious, authentic Penang food here in Kuching? 


All you need to do is NOT pack your stuff, NOT book a flight ticket, and head over to Peach Garden at Jalan Song! Yep!! It's that near and within reach from all of us Kuching Foodies~~ 


The owners themselves are from Penang, and we brought along few of our friends who are from Penang to try out their foods. Their feedback of 2 huge thumbs up on each hand and the wide smile on their face is enough for us to measure it's authenticity. So, let's dive straight into their foods, shall we? 


The first dish that we would like to recommend is, of course, Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw.  





If you’re looking for authentic Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw, seriously… look no further. We’ve found it right here. The Kueh Tiaw is fried plate by plate, meaning if you have 10 orders, the owner will prepare them one at a time to ensure the best is prepared consistently for their customer. So, please do have patience... Because it is definitely worth the wait.


Next up, Asam Laksa~~





I’m sure those of you who have tried the Asam Laksa in Penang drools when this picture appeared. The spicy and sour taste of a bowl of Asam Laksa is simply irresistible, to make it more appealing, the owner even prepared Shrimp Paste to bring out the most authentic Asam Laksa. However, the Asam Laksa is a ‘limited edition’ dish that is available only on Sundays. And be quick, the number is really limited.


The third dish, Penang Har Mee



What more can you say of a bowl of Har Mee with rich shrimp flavour? And… in addition to the sambal, my goodness! How much better can this Har Mee get? You try out and you’ll see…

And the final dish, Penang Loh Mee




As you slurrrrrrrp the mixture of noodles and beehoon, you can feel the perfect harmony of texture between the noodles, beehoon, and the gravy. To further elevate this dish, put a little sambal on top of each spoon full of the noodles. Trust me when I say it will blow your mind...




The sambal, being a mixture of garlic, vinegar, and chilli sambal provides a *bang* to the smooth and creamy Loh Mee. If you’re a fan of spicy and sour as I am, I’m sure you’ll finish the sambal before you finish your noodles.


So you have Loh Mee and Har Mee… If you have a Penang lang among your friends or you know Penang food really well. You’ll know that by mixing both of this 2, you’ll have another Penang lang’s favourite food - Loh Teng Mee. And yes, you can also order this despite it not being shown in the menu.


Again, the owners of the stall are both from Penang. Even back when they were still in Penang they are already selling these Penang Food. So if you’re looking for AUTHENTIC Penang food, now you know where to go.



Penang Stall Operating Hours:

1) Morning: 7am to 1pm (Monday OFF)

2) Night: 5pm to 10pm (Monday & Tuesday OFF)

Location: Peach Garden, Jalan Song





Psst.. pssst… since you’re already here, let us introduce you another delicious food at Peach Garden - Chee Cheong Fun. And… I know it’s not an authentic Penang food, but.. This is good food!! So we HAVE to introduce this to you.


If you don’t like Chee Cheong Fun because the stall owners are usually stingy with the ingredients, then you need to come to this stall. The ingredients is not stingy at all. You can taste a huge chunk of shrimp and a lot of Char Sio with their Chee Cheong Fun.




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