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【Kuching Must Eat】Authentic Hong Kong Puff & Pastries, Chong Choon Biscuit Maker

By Admin on Nov 2, 2016

【Kuching Must Eat】Authentic Hong Kong Puff & Pastries, Chong Choon Biscuit Maker


One of the spot that you must go when you’re in Kuching is this place, Chong Choon Biscuit Maker located at Kai Joo Lane. The puffs and pastries here are the favourites of many Kuchingites from when they were little to when they’ve already grown up. If you’re only here at Kuching for a vacation or a short trip, you might want to consider buying some as gifts.



50 years ago, the owner of Chong Choon Maker travelled from Hong Kong to Kuching and 5 years later she opened this shop and started making authentic Hong Kong style puff and pastries and sell it to the locals. And, did you know that they are also the first to bring in authentic Hong Kong puffs and pastries?


First, let’s start off with their Hong Kong Style Siew Pau.



As you take the first bite, you will definitely be speechless for a moment because of how full and generous is the fillings of the Siew Pau. Which is why… only one of this will definitely not be enough!


Other than the Siew Pau, the other main selling pastries is the Hong Kong Egg Tart.



The size of the tart is somewhat larger than what you would find elsewhere, size as in the overall size and the height. Just like the Siew Pau, the fillings of the tart will also leave you speechless!! The fillings is so smooth and delicious that you can almost see lights shining on the humble tart before you.


Then there’s also the Yam Puff.



And… again with the generous amount of fillings!! That sure makes you wonder why? But then as you take one bite, you’ll even forget you asked and chomp down one Yam Puff after another.


If you happen to be around town area, you’ve got to buy lots of these.. Or you’ll regret that you did not buy more once you finished chomping down all of them.


Location: Inside Kai Joo Lane (where Kai Joo Lane is beside the Police Station next to Plaza Merdeka)

Operating Hours: 9am to 5pm Daily



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