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【Kuching Must Eat】Noodle Descendent

By Admin on Nov 9, 2016

【Kuching Must Eat】Noodle Descendent


Noodle Descendent, a name that all Kuchingites is very familiar with. Since 1957, Noodle Descendent started serving hungry customers at Carpenter Street which then moved to the current location at Jalan Pandungan. For operating almost 60 years, people is still willing to queue and wait for it! Why?



The place started operating at 8.30 am, so it’s best if you come before 8.30am. But, you’ll still need to wait for roughly 1 hour plus. The later you come, the longer you wait.


But, for those who don’t know, there’s a rule for waiting! First, if you arrived early and see tables with chopsticks and spoons, those tables are already booked by the regular customers. And by regular customers, I mean those who are there EVERY SINGLE DAY. Seriously, everyday. Then there’s the queue. If there are no empty tables, you need to queue up at a line next to the stall. When there’s an empty table, be patient and wait for your drinks to be ordered.


And… WAIT! You need to wait for the other lady (different from the one who took your drinks’ order) to set up the chopsticks and spoons at your table, which she will ask you your food order. Don’t bother going to the stall to order your food, they will not entertain you. But instead, wait for them to come to you. Be patient!


The specialty of this place is the Mixed Pork Soup, or as we Kuchingites call it, the “Zheng” or “Cheng”. The soup is filled with different innards of pork. Then you can choose from Noodles, Kueh Tiaw, Beehoon, or Mee Pok to go along with your soup. For the noodles you can choose to have the “kosong” or the normal one with toppings.



If you have a lot of spare time, bring your friends or families, chit chat and wait for your table and your noodles to arrive. And seriously, be patient. XD


And if you have friends coming to Kuching, bring them here, let them wait, and explode their mind with the delicious soup and noodles!


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