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10E, Ground Floor, Premier 101 Commercial Centre, Jalan Kempas, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia

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08:00 am - 06:00 pm


purejuice is founded on the principle that juice should be consumed in its purest form. The juicing industry in Kuching is flooded with altered and modified products. We aspire to innovate. We are passionate about providing healthier choices and nutritious daily rituals that will help you be your best – 100% pure juice, with no added sugar, water, ice, preservatives, colourings, flavourings etc.

We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to live their best lives. Our daily consumption does not only feed our body, it also makes us feel and look our best. Our core ingredients, fruits and vegetables, are the most natural and nourishing food our body can possibly take in. The simple act of drinking juice is a powerful way for the nutritional wonders to be efficiently absorbed into the body. Good nutrition equates to a healthier state of being. We invite you to join our journey.


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