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【Kuching Themed Restaurant】Fullhouse @ Cityone Megamall

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【Kuching Themed Restaurant】Fullhouse @ Cityone Megamall


Where can you find this Themed Restaurant? Fullhouse at CityOne Megamall of course! When it first opened in 2013, this is the only themed restaurant in Kuching that features a Fullhouse Family, namely Thomas (Dad), Tracy (Mom), Tiffani and Tony (Children).




Fullhouse at CityOne is a great place for enjoying great food and selfie! The white walls and decorations that will make you feel like home with the picture frames, sofa, the lamps and more~ You can even take a picture with one of the Fullhouse family members, Tiffani~



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We were served with their signature western and asian dishes and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! So let’s get on to it~


Fullhouse Signature Chicken Chop



The first signature dish is of course their Signature Chicken Chop! The chicken chop comes with a Black Pepper Raisin Sauce which is a slightly sweeter version of black pepper sauce with a extra sweet taste of raisin. Other than the black pepper raisin, you can also choose to have the Masala Sauce and the Garlic Herb Sauce


Pesto Spaghetti with Beef Bacon



Then we have this spaghetti which carries along with it a hint of peppermint freshness. The spaghetti is also topped with cheese and beef bacon. The harmony of these 3 elements is simply amazing…


Trio Mushroom Olio



If you’re on your way to a slimmer body shape, we recommend this Trio Mushroom Olio that does not contain any meat, but is replaced with mushroom and topped with cheese. And since it is an olio, you can expect a light yet delicious meal to cheer up your day~


Slow Braised Masala Lamb Shank



Then we are served with one thing we love, lamb, Lamb Shank! The Masala sauce provides a hint of curry taste but at the same time accompanied with a mild sweet taste. The gravy itself tasted slightly similar than that of Japanese Curry. Do be patient if you order this dish as it requires a minimum 20 minutes to prepare this dish to ensure that the lamb is soft, tender, and juicyyyy~~


Ayam Penyet with Rice



Then we are served with the signature asian cuisine. A huge crunchy and delicious chicken thigh that is marinated and deep fried to Golden Brown colour is served as the main character of this dish. However, to judge if a plate of Ayam Penyet is delicious depends totally on the sambal! And what we got was an superb spicy sambal that is rich with the taste of chilli and shrimp paste.


Classic Nasi Lemak



Other than the Ayam Penyet, of course they also have Nasi Lemak that comes with a huge piece of deep fried boneless chicken chop. The chicken chop has very crispy skin and tender meat that goes along really well with the rice and the sambal~~


As for the drinks, we ordered the Mango Yogurt that is sweet and sour and have these exciting Yogurt Balls that when it pops will have yogurt flowing inside your mouth, the Watermelon Lychee that is delicious and refreshing, and the Hot Chocolate with super rich chocolate taste~




Hurry up and grab your lunch and dinner here at Fullhouse Cityone NOW~~


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