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【Kuching Must Eat】Kuching Siew Pau at Tong Kee~

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Where can you find the best Kuching Siew Pau? Kai Joo Lane? Tong Kee? OKAY! Let’s GO!!


That’s right, Tong Kee has one of the best Siew Pau in Kuching! This is a taste that is loved by many Kuchingites for more than 50 years! The Siew Pau here is also highly recommended even for tourists, making it one of the food gifts that you must buy when you come to Kuching.


Some of the customers actually think that the Siew Pau here is excessively big and full of fillings, “One is enough to make me full” to quote the customer. The crispy exterior of the Siew Pau and the rich and full fillings makes you crave for more even when you’re already almost full from the first one~




The Yam Puffs is even more recommended for those of you who likes Yam. Thumbs Up for this!!




If you can handle spicy food, you will love this Curry Puff. Crispy and perfectly toasted exterior and spicy curry fillings will satisfy you with each bite you take. 




Tong Kee’s Siew Pau is open from 7am until 8pm, therefore you can have these delicious Siew Pau for breakfast, lunch, tea time, and even dinner! And, to allow more people to have a taste of their delicious Siew Pau, All of Tong Kee’s Siew Pau is actually Pork FREE! By using only chicken meat, they are still able to make such delicious Siew Pau, isn’t that amazing?! If you didn't know before, well, now you do! 


Head over to Kai Joo Lane and look for Tong Kee at No. 3!


Operating Hours: 7am to 8pm or sold out

Location: Kai Joo Lane



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