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【Kuching Nightlife】Route 66 Bar & Dine

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【Kuching Nightlife】Route 66 Bar & Dine


Route 66 Bar & Dine is the place to be if you’re looking for good food, great music, and quality time with your friends and families. Other than their superb array of alcoholic drinks and darts, Route 66 also serves delicious Western cuisine!


You can enjoy up to 15% discounts when you join as Route 66’s membership in the Teaspoon Loyalty Program. Other than that, they are also offering you 5% discount on all item (Except draught beers) from 4pm to 8pm!! If you’re looking for a place to enjoy relax after work, Route 66 is the place to be.


The first food to introduce is the Seafood Aglio Olio. This aglio olio is majestically topped with 4 pieces of prawns, 2 mussels and many more ingredients inside the spaghetti such as squid, chicken ham, and mushroom. The spaghetti is also topped with some Oregano to enhance the aroma of the dish.




Then we have the massive Route 66 Lamb Chop that can make you full by just looking at it. This delicious plate of Lamb Chop consists of 2 big pieces of lamb shoulder that are marinated for 1 to 2 days before serving. The lamb chop has this very strong aroma of Rosemary herbs due to the marination, which is why a cream sauce is provided to neutralize the strong taste, however this varies according to individual preferences. I believe that this lamb chop makes a pretty good companion for beer.




Other than Lamb Chop, you could also find Pan Seared Chilean Salmon at Route 66! The well seasoned skin of the salmon is seared to a level of crispiness that you could literally hear the sound of the skin getting crushed in your mouth. The dish comes with a special sauce that is made using Salmon stock and lemon juice.




The next dish that we would like to recommend is the Chicken Roulade with Turkey Ham. Marinated chicken thigh meat (with the skin intact) is grilled to perfection and rolled with chicken ham. I’m glad they did not remove the skin because due to the marination and the grill, the skin becomes crispy and has a sweet taste to it.




Lastly we had the Braised Phoenix Claw. The chicken feet is very smooth and has very thick skin, hence it is worth every penny. The dish is slightly salty, but surprisingly the owner told us that this dish is very popular with the customer to have with beer.




Route 66 also offers a wide range of other delicious foods waiting for you to discover~~! Dinner? Happy Hour? Darts? Come to Route 66 @ Cityone Megamall~~~



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