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【Kuching New Restaurant】Meat Up

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【Kuching New Restaurant】Meat Up Kitchen & Bar


A whole new restaurant has opened in CityOne Megamall! The restaurant has very nice environment in the insides, and on the outside you can dine under the moonlight~ Meat Up is located at Mall 2, Cityone Megamall, next to Starbucks…


Meat Up serves Western and Western Fusion food that will definitely surprise you~~


Spaghetti in Mamak Style

Spaghetti + Mamak? Really? Really!!! This is a dish that combines the local favourite Mamak style into the spaghetti dish. The dish is slightly spicy and the aroma of the herbs is very strong and fragrant~ this simple dish contains 12 different ingredients including the spaghetti itself!


Deep Fried Spring Chicken

Then there’s the Spring Chicken that is roasted until the skin becomes crispy but still able to keep the meat tender and juicy~ After 2 whole days of marination, the flavours are fully absorbed into the chicken, making it one dish that will make you drool just by looking at it~


Deep Fried Ice Fish (White Bait)


Other than having interesting main courses, you can also find this snack that goes very well with beer. Fresh White Bait is dipped into batter and deep fried, topped with some spices. This salty and crispy exterior and juicy interior makes it the perfect companion for good beer~~


Korean Fried Chicken W. Garlic Sauce


If you’re a fan of heavy flavours, then you’ll love this Fried Chicken. Deep fried chicken with their own special garlic sauce, and finished with white wine, the taste is just absolutely perfection. It is even crispy after it is cold!


Looking for a new place to hangout? Head over to Meat Up now~~




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Meat Up Kitchen & Bar
No. 49&50, Ground Floor, Mall 2, Cityone Megamall, No.1 Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching.