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【Kuching Must Eat】Claypot Noodle @ Sunrise Corner

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【Kuching Must Eat】Claypot Noodle @ Sunrise Corner


The topic for Kuching Must Eat this week is the Claypot Noodle @ Sunrise Corner. Through our collaboration with Tea FM’s <What’s for 5 Meal?>, we previously asked you where to have the best Claypot Noodle in Kuching and today we decided to try them out ourselves to see if it really is good.


First up is of course the original Claypot Noodle.



The noodle is very chewy despite being cooked under high temperature using the Claypot. The soup however steals the spotlight with the rich taste and flavours. The ingredients topped on the noodle is also very generous~~


Do take note that the egg you see in the picture is an add on for only 50 cents ya~


Then we had the Tomyam Claypot Noodle. The noodles for the tomyam is also as chewy as the one in the original. The soup also plays a heavy role in this dish. The tomyam paste is just enough to satisfy you and to open up your appetite.


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This stall also serves Porridge that is cooked and served in a claypot.




Settle your breakfast & lunch with the Claypot foods at Sunrise Corner from today onwards~!


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Sunrise Corner
Lot 7037, KTLD, Section 64, Jalan Pending, Poh Ming Park, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia