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【Authentic Dayak Food】Sorai Cafe @ Tabuan Tranquility

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Authentic Dayak food is what represent us Sarawakians. Teaspoon would like to introduce you Sorai Cafe that offers their customers authentic Dayak food, which relocated to Tabuan Tranquility from eMart Batu Kawa recently... 


The name Sorai is actually means ‘Serai’ in BM, or Lemongrass in English. Therefore the first dish we would like to introduce you is their Sambal Serai, a typical Bidayuh ethnic dish.


Sambal Serai Dayak


This dish is actually a side dish to go along rice. The saltiness and the fragrance from the lemongrass and dried shrimp of this sambal makes it the perfect companion for a plate of steaming hot rice.


The next dish we would like to introduce is the Ayam Pansuh. The chicken meat is very tender and juicy and fully absorbs the essence of the soup. The soup itself is very light but at the same time very aromatic.


Pansuh Ayam Dayak Cuisine


Then there’s the spicy Sup Babi Terung Dayak. The soup is very rich with turmeric and some other spices, the soup is also slightly spicy. Not the super spicy type of spicy, but the more appetizing kind of spicy.


Sup Babi Dayak Cuisine (1)

Sup Babi Dayak Cuisine (2)


Other than the meats, Dayak food must also includes the green veges. First up is the Dayak Mix Vege. This mix vege. Consists of different types of vege stir fried with the fragrant and delicious Belacan~~ Belacan goes really well with everything, especially this Mix Vege. dish…


Dayak Mixed Vege (1)

Dayak Mixed Vege (2)


Another Belacan dish that they have is the Terung Dayak Belacan. This dish which consists of slices of Terung Dayak and pork is stir fried with the same belacan to create an awesome dish which is slightly spicy…


Terung Dayak Belacan  (1)


The next dish on the list is the Stir Fried Cucumber Leaf. The dish is stir fried with a Dayak mushroom that have the same texture and taste similarly to peanuts. This Dayak mushroom is seasonal, hence the dish may not be available throughout the year. As for the cucumber leaf, the leaves of the Dayak Cucumber is used with the difference being the leaf being larger in size. Overall the dish is very light and refreshing, making it another dish that you must have here at Sorai Cafe.


Cucumber Leaf Dayak Cuisine (1)

Cucumber Leaf Dayak Cuisine (2)


Another greens on the table is the Stir Fried Tapioca Leaves. Tapioca leaves is another essential green in Dayak cuisines. It is used to cook pansuh and can be stir fried on its own! When stir fried ginger and several other ingredients, the dish becomes very refreshing and light~~


Tapioca Leaf Dayak Cuisine (1)

Tapioca Leaf Dayak Cuisine (2)


For the main event, we have the Tempoyak Durian Goreng. The king of fruits is fermented for 1 to 2 months before serving, making it very sour if you eat it on your own. But if you eat it with rice, the sourness will be toned down by the rice, making it a very delicious side dish. By the way, this dish is available for the whole year!


Tempoyak Durian Dayak Cuisine


Sorai Cafe also offer their customers the Pork Fried Rice. This ‘nasi goreng’ is cooked using fragrance rice and Bario Rice, if you know your food well, you will be able to taste the difference in texture and taste of this seemingly simple fried rice.



Also, be sure not to miss their Special Drink, Lemongrass Serai~~ 


Lemongrass Lemon


Sorai Cafe offers Economic Fast Food as well! The dishes will change every day hence you can try different Dayak Food every day! On top of that, they also have RM5 Promo for the economic fast food until the end of the month, how cool is that? Be sure to drop by Sorai Cafe for lunch and dinner if you pass by their new location at Tabuan Tranquility~ 


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-25 at 7.31.14 PM

Sorai Cafe (1)

Sorai Cafe (2)

Dayak Cuisine (1)


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Sorai Cafe
Ground Floor, Lot 16813 (SL.48), Jalan Canna, Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia