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【Kuching Must Eat】Laksa @ Golden Arch's Garden Cafe

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【Kuching Must Eat】Laksa @ Golden Arch's Garden Cafe


The shoplots at Golden Arch, 3rd mile is always congested every morning because it is a great place for breakfast. One of the stall that is most celebrated here is the Laksa Stall at 'Garden Cafe & Restaurant'.


This stall has been selling delicious laksa for approximately 20 years. The laksa has very thick and creamy soup, similar to that of Curry soup. The taste is also more to the curry type of laksa.



Of course, we can find different kinds of laksa in Kuching. There are the ones such as this, the creamy and thick, where the texture and taste are closer to that of curry, and the lighter ones that can be found all over Kuching. Both is different, and is totally up to individual preferences... Moving on! 


They also have Chicken Feet. The bowl of chicken feet is very chewy and delicious as well!



If you're unlucky, you might get chicken feet that are very chewy and hard to consume. But, don't just throw it away, pack it back home, put it into the microwave or any steamer in your home and heat it up for a few more minutes. Or you can simmer it longer to make it softer. Then it'll be as good as the best they can serve. 


The laksa stall is open from 6am to 1pm Daily and the place is usually super crowded during breakfast time, roughly around 8am plus plus to 9.30am. So, to guarantee a spot for their car and for themselves, there will be customers that show up earlier than that to get their daily dose of delicious laksa. 



There's another laksa stall at the kopitiam facing the huge roundabout, but do not get confused as the one that we introduced you is the one further down inside. The kopitiam may not look like much, but hey, looks is not everything there is to a delicious bowl of laksa am I right?






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