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【Kuching Themed Restaurant】Rainforest Garden Cafe

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【Kuching Themed Restaurant】Rainforest Garden Cafe


Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your meal surrounded by the essence of the nature? Imagine being surrounded by the chirps of birds, sounds of water flowing, trees, and beautiful flowers as you enjoy your meal.


What if I tell you there IS such place in Kuching? It made a hit when it opened, and now we would like to introduce you the variety of foods at Rainforest Garden Cafe. The place is the ideal place for all 3 meals of the day, they have Western Breakfast, Local Delights, Lok Lok, Western Dinner, and more!



First is the Ham Cheese Omelette. The omelette is filled with cheese and ham, topped with more pieces of ham and finished with a mayonnaise dressing. Making it a light and delicious breakfast.




Next up is the Beef Fillet Bun with a piece of Beef and coleslaw fitted between 2 pieces of fluffy buns.



If the bun is too heavy, you can consider having the creamy and thick Mushroom Soup~



Other than the Breakfast stall, they also have the claypot stall selling delicious claypot dishes! The most recommended would be the Home Style Lamb Curry.



The curry is very thick and has a very rich taste, although do take note that it is a little spicy. They uses real curry powder and cook the dish in a pressure cooker to ensure that all the essence is absorbed into the lamb which is then very soft and tender.


They also have the Sour Plum Chicken which is very appetizing due to the sourness from the plum. The chicken meat is also very tender and juicy~



They also have one of the local must eat, Kacangma Chicken that has very heavy Chinese Wine taste. Making it the perfect dish to have during colder weather.



If you’re looking for a lighter and more nutritious soup, you can try the ABC Soup.



You can also enjoy Stir Fried dishes here such as the “Malicai” Fried Bihun. The noodles are very chewy and the dish is overall very fragrant. There’s also the Pattaya Fried Rice.




The same stall also sell delicious Rojak if you’re craving for some snacks. The rojak uses homemade paste accompanied with fresh fruits and vegetables. “Ajak” a few friends and the rojak will be the best food to share~



Looking for Desserts? They also have Musang King Durian Soft Serve Ice Cream. One spoon and the Durian taste will explode in your mouth. You can even taste the durian flesh in it!



Another durian dessert that they have is the Musang King Durian “Snow Ball”. The outer skin has the texture similar to mochi, just that the filling is cold and creamy durian custard ice cream, making it very delicious!! Another highly recommended dish is the Musang King Durian Fried Ice Cream, and you seriously need to try it while it’s hot.   



Other option for Tea time includes the Cheesy Banana with crispy skin and delicious cheese topping, and the Lok Lok~



The one thing that cannot escape a good afternoon tea is definitely some shaved ice desserts. They have extraordinary and refreshing Metahorn, delicious White Lady, fresh Soursop Ice Blended, and more!!




They have one very interesting western stall here called Mom’s Kitchen. This is actually due to that the westerns cuisines are based on the mom’s own recipe.


The first dish we would like to recommend you is the Crispy Fish & Chip. The crispy skin of the fish, accompanied by a squeeze of lemon juice and some tartar sauce will blow your mind.



Then there’s also the Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti which is very creamy and has a hint of heat from the black pepper. The creaminess of the spaghetti makes it very satisfying to slurrrrrrrrrrp into your mouth~~~




Finally, they have the Mom’s Mixed Grill with Lamb, Chicken, Cheesy Sausage, wedges, and coleslaw. The lamb and chicken is very well marinated and seared perfectly that it not just right tender and juicy~



Rainforest Garden Cafe is the place to settle all your cravings throughout the day… Breakfast? Lunch? Tea Break? Dinner? Rainforest Garden Cafe is ready for your arrival.  




You can also purchase beatifully groomed plants and flowers here. They also have some decotations for sale. 




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Rainforest Garden Cafe
Lot 774, Block 226, 5th Mile, Penrissen Road, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak.