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【Kuching New Flavours】Egyptian’s Chicken Rice

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【Kuching New Flavours】Egyptian’s Chicken Rice


If you’re out of option for dinner, why not drop by this new Chicken Rice stall?


Located at King Centre’s Tian Chi Food Court, this stall selling chicken rice has only recently moved here from Sunrise Corner at Sekama.


We went there to try their Chicken Egg Roll after they gave us a shout-out at our Teaspoon Facebook Page and it was remarkable. Deep fried chicken strip is deep fried and rolled in a homemade skin made of eggs and some “secret” ingredients. The owner, of course, did not share with us what the secret ingredients were. 


Chicken Egg Roll - RM5.00


Other than that they also have the Salad Chicken Rice with crispy skin and juicy chicken meat that goes very well with the rice.


Salad Chicken Rice - RM6.00


One other deep fried item on the menu is the Chicken Sticks. The chicken sticks also have the same crispy exterior and the meat is just superb. This dish is perfect as a sides to go along your meals, and even better as a snack for beer!



Chicken Sticks - RM5.00


If you’re looking for something smoother, try out their Steamed Chicken Rice. For a steam chicken to be delicious, it first have to be smooth and tender, and the steam chicken here is exactly what you would call a delicious steamed chicken. The chicken is also topped with deep fried scallion to further enhance the taste of the meat.


Steamed Chicken Rice - RM5.00


The Egyptian owner came to Kuching to dive and he fell in love with the place. He is now operating the stall with his beloved wife to bring delicious and cheap food to Kuchingites!

So, what are you waiting for? They operates from 3pm to 1am everyday at Tian Chi Food Court, King Centre!



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