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【Kuching Must Eat】Song Corner Kampua

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【Kuching Must Eat: Song Corner Kampua】


Just like how everyone have a preferred stall to have Kolo Mee & Laksa, this is my preferred stall to have my weekly dose of a satisfying Kampua and Pork Liver soup, the Foochow Kampua Mee stall at Song Corner, Jalan Song.


Due to the direction I was heading to every morning, this was my favourite place for a delicious breakfast to start the day. Now that the direction that I need to go shifted to the opposite direction, this is still my favourite stall to have Kampua.


My favourite is the Kampua Mee + Pork Liver Soup set that only costs me RM7. The quality of the Kampua is very consistent with its rich flavours of the fried scallion oil every time I visit the place. I like my Kampua black because it adds a smooth texture to the noodle, adding even more satisfaction to this humble plate of noodle.



The pork liver soup is also one of the best in Kuching. The first reason is the amount of red wine used to prepare the soup was enough to make a Foochow smile from ear to ear. The second is that the pork livers are cooked just right that they are not too hard and chewy.



If you’re not a fan of black Kampua, their white Kampua is also as equally as nice! It is also highly recommended that you order the original Kampua with conventional Char Sio slices as toppings.



If you’re looking for something light, their Wanton (Dry) is also worth the try. The dry wanton is also rich with the flavours from the deep fried scallion oil, and the fillings are not stingy at all!



They also have the Chicken Soup Mee Sua that you should really try out because this is yet another soup with rich red wine taste. If you know a Foochow, then you’ll know their preference for red wine, especially in a Mee Sua Soup. A satisfying bowl of mee sua with a well done chicken drumstick and a hard boiled egg is definitely one thing that you need to have right now!



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Song Corner
1447, Lorong Song 4b, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia