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The Tarot Cafe Relocated!

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The Tarot Cafe Relocated! 


The Tarot Cafe disappeared?! Of course not~~ They recently moved to the same row as Bing Cafe, but at the other corner of the shoplot.


The Tarot Cafe has always been the perfect place to go to satisfy the cravings for delicate desserts and drinks, especially the different drinks inspired by the different Tarot cards.



Other than these delicate drinks, the Orange Tea that is very refreshing and unique is also one of the signature drinks of Tarot Cafe.



As for desserts, one of my personal all time favourite is the Blueberry Ice Cream Toast. Crispy brick toast filled with ice creams in the middle, topped with watermelon, and finished with sweet and irresistible blueberry syrup. How could anyone resist the temptation of this dish? Seriously!



Tarot can not only produce mouth watering desserts, but they can also produce a satisfying meal for both lunch and dinner, serving countless satisfied Kuchingites for the past 8 years~


First is the Pataya Fried Rice Ayam Penyet, a delicious plate of fried rice wrapped in perfectly cooked egg omelette coupled with a tender and juicy Ayam Penyet chicken thigh. If this does not recharge you, I don’t know what will.



Next is the Salmon Fried Rice. The amount of salmon bits in thies fried rice will leave you speechless because you can taste the salmon is every spoon of rice you take! The fried rice itself is so well done that reach grains of the rice is separated from each other and does not stick to each other to become a clumpy fried rice.



You should also try their Chicken Teriyaki Don. The deep fried chicken meat produces a crispy skin but is still able to keep the chicken meat tender and juicy. Paired with the Japanese Teriyaki sauce and the vegetables, the Don becomes a pure bowl of satisfaction.



Other than rice, they also have noodles on the menu, for example the Dry Noodle Spicy Chicken. The spicy chicken is actually very similar to the taste of a kimchi, the noodles is very smooth and is rich with the flavours of deep fried scallion oil.



Tarot Cafe without doubt is one of the best place to hang out with your buddies, but it is also a great place to fill your tummy for lunch and dinner!




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