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Wanna Hangout? Chilled Out at The Spring la~~

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Wanna Hangout? Chilled Out at The Spring la~~


Just right opposite the entrance of MBO Cinemas at The Spring is this little restaurant with very ‘cute’ decorations. There are even Teddy bears in the restaurant waiting for you to play with! Making it the perfect place for families with kids to have meal and enjoy quality family time~


At Chilled Out, you can enjoy different types of western cuisine from an elaborate menu with a lot of different choices. They also have some delicate desserts such as the Chocolate Ball.



Inside the Chocolate Ball is a scoop of ice cream, and to eat it, you will need to rinse hot chocolate syrup on top of the Chocolate Ball to melt the ball and to expose the ice cream inside.



For the foods, we were first served the Pasta Salad. This dish is actually the creation of the chef itself, mixing the concept of a salad with pasta to create this sour, sweet, and appetizing dish. The dish is also topped with beef slices and a lot of cheese powder.



Next is the Australian Crown Rack of Lamb with strong fragrance from Rosemary, the meat itself is tender and juicy, and the surface of the lamb being perfectly seared.



If you have bigger appetite and feel like you could handle more, try out their Sleeping Monster Grill, which is actually the Mix Grilled with grilled chicken, lamb, beef, and some coleslaw. The meats are averagely marinated for 3 hours before serving~



If you’re looking for something different, you could try their seafood mixed grill, the Fisherman Wharf Seafood Platter. This plate is loaded with seafood goodness such as a big prawn, deep fried squid, grilled mussels, pan seared Sea Bass fish, and more!



What are you waiting for? Head over to Chilled Out today~~



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