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Authentic Seremban Pan Mee in Kuching!

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Authentic Seremban Pan Mee in Kuching!


Today we would like to introduce you this humble little stall that serves authentic Seremban Pan Mee. Started off in 2014, this stall is now one of the locals’ favourite spot for a delicious bowl of Pan Mee. The owners themselves are from Seremban, hence the authenticity of the taste and flavours is guaranteed!


All the Pan Mee are made fresh on the day with absolutely no added ingredients such as preservatives to ensure that their customers can enjoy the fresh and delicious pan mee everyday. Other than the noodles, they also have this signature homemade dry chilli flakes (cooked using 9 different types of ingredients) that can just bring the flavours of the dry pan mee to a whole new level!


And speaking of the dry pan mee, my personal favourite is the Pan Mee Fried Egg. This dish is made up of the tangy and delicious pan mee topped with a Fried Egg to increase your satisfaction. The dry pan mee is cooked with hot water, dried, and mixed with soy sauce to provide this sweet, salty and appetizing flavours to the noodle.



If one piece of fried egg is not enough to satisfy you, then you should really order their dry Pan Mee (Special) with deep fried chicken as the extra topping.



One other favourite dry version of the pan mee is the Stir Fry Pan Mee. Since this version of pan mee is stir fried, it is not mixed with the same soy sauce mixture, but nonetheless it is still a very delicious plate of pan mee! The pan mee is stir fried with Manicai which added a different texture to the dish as a whole.



Other than the Dry and the Stir Fry Pan Mee, one of their signature dish is the Stew Pan Mee. This dish tastes very similar to the dry pan mee, but because this plate has more gravy, the noodles are smoother and you can just easily ‘slurrrrrp’ the whole plate in no time.



Being a Hakka herself, the owner of the stall also offer this Hakka Handmade Noodle to her customers. The Hakka Handmade Noodle is cooked using the same way as it was in Seremban. The noodles, cooked with hot water, and mixed together with seasoning and topped with a generous amount of minced meat which will satisfy your cravings instantly.



Of course, being a pan mee stall and all, they also have the Pan Mee Sup.



But what we really want to recommend you is the spicy version, the Pan Mee Pedas. The spicy soup of this pan mee will blow you appetite open to start your day with full throttle. If you want it to be more spicy, you could just add more chilli flakes to the soup.



Oh ya! You should also try out their Stir Fry Mee Tikus. The ‘mee tikus’ is prepared in the same way as the Stir Fried Pan Mee, but the dish is totally different from the pan mee because of the tangy texture of the ‘mee tikus’.



Well, if you’re looking for a place for good and delicious pan mee to start your day, you should really try out the one here at Ice Buddy Cafe, MJC.


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