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Thai Western Cuisine in Kuching???

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The FIRST Thai Western cuisine in Kuching can be found here at Hub Lot Cafe!! Surprising? I know it does! This cafe which looks a lot like a perfect place to hangout and have some beer after a long day at work, which it really is. But, what you don't know is that Hub Lot Cafe also offers a lot of delicious Thai and Western foods!!! 





Since the chef hired is from Thailand, you bet the Siamese foods is as authentic as it can get.


The cafe has a cozy indoor seating that can help you relax after a long tiring day at work, and also a comfortable outdoor seating that can make you feel like you’re grabbing a drink by the sea with the occasional wind blowing through your face~


We first have the Green Curry Chicken on the table. For those who favours spicy food, this green curry with special spices added will be heavenly! The spiciness of this green curry will make the face of those who does not take spicy food green, so you can probably imagine how spicy is it.





If you think the Green Curry Chicken is too spicy, you should really keep yourself away from this Thai Spicy Seafood Salad. This salad is made using a special homemade chilli sauce which is many times more spicy than the ones used in the green curry. Other than green vegetables, the salad also consists of prawns and mussels, on top of the super spicy homemade sauce.




Lastly, we have the Thai Chicken + Rice which is actually the Thai version of chicken rice. The chicken is cooked with curry, turmeric, and several other ingredients to produce a flavour that is similar to the local satays with an extra spiciness added. The chicken itself is still very tender and smooth, making it a very good pair with the rice~




If you’re looking for a snack to go along your drinks, this Mozzarella Cheese Stick with super rich cheese flavour is a must to order!





As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy Western and Siamese cuisine here at Hub Lot Cafe. So let’s continue with the Western dishes.





First on the list is the Rosemary Chicken. We had Rosemary Lamb or Beef at other restaurants, but having a Rosemary Chicken is the first for us. The chicken is cooked so well that it is not too dry, and has this very strong rosemary taste. The rosemary flavours is in fact stronger in this dish as compared to when you have them with lamb or beef!



There’s also the Lamb Shoulder that is well marinated and grilled to perfection. The lamb meat is very tender and very juicy, just recalling back the feeling make my mouth flooded with drools. The dish also comes with a very interesting sides, a whole roasted potato that can’t be found at any other place in Kuching.




If you’re a fan of fish, you could try out their Sea Bass White Sauce. Fresh Sea Bass grilled just right that it is not too dry and then rinsed with homemade and delicious white sauce.




A good steak defines a western restaurant, which is why we would like to recommend this jewel, the Ribeye Steak. The ribeye is so perfectly sliced that the thickness is not too big hence less effort is needed to eat it. The ribeye is also perfectly seared that all the juiciness is still locked in the beef and all the flavours just explode in your mouth as you take a bite.





I’m sure a lot of you have not tried the foods at Hub Lot Cafe, probably because you thought they only have liquor and alcohol, but you now know that they have a lot of delicious foods waiting for you.


As for drinks, Hub Lot Cafe have a wide variety of drinks for you to choose from. They have cocktails, coffee, juice, and other kinds of drinks too~




So, ajak your friends and families and head over to Hub Lot Cafe NOW!







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