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The G Cafe’s ALL NEW Breakfast

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The G Cafe’s ALL NEW Breakfast


Imagine a wonderful morning, what would it look like? I’m sure for most of us Kuchingites, it would definitely include a bowl of Laksa for breakfast~~!


You’ve tried Laksa from food stalls, but have you ever tried one from a cafe? Oh! Do not be mistaken, for we will introduce you plenty other new dishes from The G Cafe’s LATEST breakfast menu which ranges from your favourite local delights to deliciously baked toasts!


First up! The Laksa.



If you think that a cafe can’t make a laksa as good as your favourite stalls, think again! The G Cafe nailed this laksa by presenting the exact aroma and taste all Kuchingites love~~ What makes this different is the homemade sambal that adds another different aromatic spicy taste to the broth. Other than that, you also get not only prawn, eggs, and shredded chicken meats, you also get to have mussels along with your laksa!


Next is the American Breakfast with perfectly toasted bread, sausage, eggs, baked beans, and some greens to brighten up your day~  



But, what I personally love the most is this remarkable Bacon Bun. A layer of cheese, egg, and beef bacon sits on top of a hole dug in the middle of a deliciously toasted bun to produce the very definition of harmony.



For a lighter breakfast, try out their Spicy Tuna Sandwich! This delicious sandwich with a cup of coffee will start your day with full throttle!



If you’re looking for something heavy, this Golden Chop Rice is the one you need. Salty, creamy, and rich salted egg yolk sauce coupled with the golden brown chicken chop is REALLY the one you need!



The G Cafe offers their customers this crazy delicious breakfast for you to start your day! Better yet, the menu will be available from 9am until 4pm daily! Come and grab a bite today!


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