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Buy 3 FREE 1? That’s only RM16.50 per person for this Amazing Buffet Lunch!

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Buy 3 FREE 1? That’s only RM16.50 per person for this Amazing Buffet Lunch!


Buffet for RM22 per person? Buy 3 FREE 1? This is crazy! Where? Cafe Sublime at The LimeTree Hotel of course! Meaning if 4 of you go for the buffet lunch, each of you need only pay RM16.50 to enjoy this buffet that offers you appetizers, main courses, and desserts!



The amount of foods prepared in the buffet trays is reduced so that customers can enjoy warm food refilled by the kitchen as soon as the food in the trays reduces.


Cafe Sublime offers this buffet lunch only on every Wednesday and Friday. What foods do Cafe Sublime offer you actually? Well, let’s get into it shall we?


The foods offered on Wednesday and Friday will be different, and the main difference is that on Wednesdays Cafe Sublime offers you Chicken Rice while on Fridays, Mama Tay's Nasi Lemak.



Imagine this, smooth and tender steamed chicken on a Wednesday, and assembling your own fragrant plate of Nasi Lemak on a Friday, isn’t it just plain awesome and satisfying?



Of course, other than chicken rice and nasi lemak, you could also choose to have pasta! They will rotate between Marinara and Carbonara spaghetti every Wednesday and Friday~~



For the main courses, you can also choose from an array of deliciously cooked vegetables and meats. These delicious dishes are prepared local style to satisfy your cravings and to help you recharge your energy to combat the rest of the day at work!



If you’re not ready for the main courses, take some of their Cucumber Salad with Lime Juice that is slightly spicy and sour to blast open your appetite and eat to your heart’s content!



Cafe Sublime also offer you an array of ‘kuih’ to prepare you for the deliciously cooked main course.



*Psst.. psst.. Do TRY this Kuih Sago, this is my personal favourite!*



Other than kuih, you can also have this Maki roll as appetizers too!



As you chomp down on the delicious appetizers and main course, do not forget to pour yourself a cuppa fresh coffee or tea~



You could have the fruits as desserts, but you could enjoy a FREE Lime Cheesecake if you join the Loyalty Program of Cafe Sublime! For every dine-in, you can get a stamp and be rewarded with discounts, free eats, and the Lime Cheesecake~


To avoid confusion, the Buy 3 FREE 1 offer is available to everyone, even if you don’t have the Loyalty Card~~ Isn’t this superb?!!


Cafe Sublime has limited number of seating, so be sure to call or text 016-8893489 or 082-414600 to make your bookings!


In a nutshell, Ajak your kawan, Call Cafe Sublime now, and enjoy a satisfying buffet lunch every Wednesday and Friday at Cafe Sublime, LimeTree Hotel.


Oh ya, if you're worried about parking, you could park at the back of The LimeTree Hotel where they've reserved a few parking slots for visitors. Other than that, they also have a basement parking right before the exit of the small road for your convenience~!



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Cafe Sublime @ The Limetree Hotel
Lot 317, Jalan Abell, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak. GPS Coordinates for The LimeTree Hotel: N1 33.372 E110 21.388